Ice-Age Science Recapitulation - Part 4 -  Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Seeing Our Near Future by Observing the Sun - The next 15 years, potentially

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We can 'see' the future in the present by real-time measurements of several types of the now fast-collapsing solar activity, including its effect on agriculture and human living
Plan-B anyone?

When climate collapse narrows the growing season, we loose our food supply

Agriculture is such a fragile thing, that when the ongoing climate collapse narrows the growing season significantly more than it already has, enormous crop losses can be incurred, which eventually, will take entire countries and entire regions out of food production altogether. With these types of uncertainties on the horizon, how can one measure the future? We can measure the future by measuring the changing Sun in real time, and then project the measurements forward.

We can measure the cosmic-ray flux in real time by measuring neutron density in the atmosphere, which is caused by solar cosmic-ray interaction with it. The measurements tell us that solar cosmic-ray flux is increasing, which is a by-product of the Sun getting weaker. Solar radio-flux measurements are collapsing at the same fast rate, and so are the sunspot numbers. In addition to this collapse process, the Sun's heartbeat is slowing down, the solar cycles, even while the solar cycles themselves are getting weaker. 

And further, to demonstrate that things can get still worse, the Sun has lost its 'top hat' - its northern polar magnetic field, in 2014. The northern polar magnetic field vanished when it should have flipped polarity, as the southern field did.

Where and when the collapse will end, and the Ice Age will begins, is uncertain. Actually the question is irrelevant, because the current lack of commitment to building the Plan-B infrastructures for continued human living on Earth, which is near the zero level, almost assures that only a few people will be around to witness the renewed start-up of the Ice Age in potentially the 2050s, and will find a place to survive in the ensuing Ice Age environment.

How great the human challenge is that needs to be mastered, before the Ice Age Challenge can be seriously addressed, and what our chances are to get there, and what humanist commitments are required to pave the path to it, appears to be addressed in an interview with Virginia State Senator Richard Black who reports on his just concluded 6-day tour of Syria. The interview could be dubbed a type of Political State of the World report. The Ice Age Challenge is not referenced in the interview, it never in on any political forum, still it needs to be seen in the context of the current world-political stage.




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Ice Age Science Recapitulation

Part 4
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Seeing Our Near Future by Observing the Sun - The next 15 years, potentially

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