Ice-Age Science Recapitulation - Part 3 -  Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The 50-Years Ice Age Boundary Zone

It began in the late 1990s when the last great Global Warming via the Sun ended.

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A Climate Collapse is in progress towards a phase shift in the 2050s to the Full Ice Age when the Sun goes into 'hibernation.'

The boundary time-zone to the next Ice Age

We are now in the boundary time-zone to the next Ice Age, and have been so for 20 years already. In this zone ever-greater climate events are the norm. Here traditional yard sticks no longer apply to predict the future, because we live in a different landscape now that is dominated by the Sun getting rapidly weaker. 

The solar wind that is an indicator of the strength of the Sun, is diminishing at a rate of 30% per decade, and will reach zero pressure in the 2030s. That's the end of the first phase of the collapse process, while solar cosmic-ray flux is increasing, and with it the fringe effects are getting larger. And after the first phase ends, it gets worse. So far, no Plan-B is in sight to build us a New World that fringe effects, and the full Ice Age effects cannot touch.

 But can't manmade global warming rescue us? No it can't or ever will. The CO2 effect is no bigger than a cat standing beside the World Trade towers in New York. Its addition to the atmosphere's greenhouse effect is minuscule, which is to over 90% caused by water vapor. In fact, the greenhouse effect is getting weaker with increasing cosmic-ray flux, which increases cloudiness, whereby the water-vapor density is reduced. As a result we experience increasingly larger temperature extremes between hot and cold days, among the many fringe effects, such as expanding droughts while the Earth is getting colder.

It is interesting to note that the 300 years of global warming that the Sun gave us from the 1700s to the end of the 1990, coincides with the dramatic rise in the world population, from less of a billion to 7 billion people. This sharp rise has two causes working together. One cause is the advance of technologies and industrialization. And the other cause is the great warming of the Earth by increased solar activity that provides for ideal growing conditions in agriculture. This critical climate aspect is now collapsing in the boundary zone. In order to prevent a population collapse by starvation, we have no choice but to compensate the climate collapse with massively more powerful technological infrastructures for agriculture. On this front, however, we find the field empty. Society has placed its humanity into hibernation.


This exploration video is Part 3 of the 7 parts project
Ice Age Science Recapitulation

Part 3
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