Ice Age Near -  video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Global Warming (by the Sun) is dead - the Sun is 'dying'
 we need to build a New World - the Ice Age is Near

When, in the 2050s, the climate on Earth drops out of its current interglacial
condition, the entire planet becomes uninhabitable for humanity, unless
we build us a New World with technological infrastructures that the Ace Age
cannot affect.

Includes "Indexed Ice Age Carousel"

Global Warming (by the Sun) ended in 1998. The Sun is 'dying' towards the full Ice Age. Solar activity has already collapsed to half since 1998, measured in Be-10 and C-14 isotopes ratios, in sunspot numbers, in solar-wind pressure, and in radio solar flux intensity.  All measurements collapsed to half - reflected in the Earth getting colder year after year. The full Ice Age is near. Crop failures are increasing and are getting increasingly severe.

To the degree to which nations loose their food resources, they cease to exist as viable nations. The populations become refugees, evicted by the cold, with no place to go to unless we build us a technological New World that the Ice Age glaciation cannot touch, and that we do this fast.

Thus, the gravest crisis in history unfolds before us. A process has begun by which living in Canada, Europe, Russia, and large parts of the USA and China, is becoming increasingly precarious, until the entire planet becomes largely uninhabitable in the 2050s, both because of the cold, and by much of the world becoming deserts for the lack of precipitation.

The evidence is plain. The transition to the next 90,000-year glaciation phase is already in progress and is far advanced. Open your eyes. The universe is changing.  Move with it and live.

While the critical recognition of what drives the solar dynamics in the real world is blocked by a tragedy in science,, a society of human beings still has the power to step past the blockage that shrouds reality, and discover the truth.

Just look at the fringe effects that are already felt worldwide. They are getting more intense, with 30 years of increasing effects still to come. We need to get serious, and start to build us a new world while we still can, and which promises to become a renaissance world if we are serious.

A new type of war is needed - not a war to destroy our world and kill one another - but a great war against small-minded perceptions, to build a strategic defense of humanity against the Ice Age consequences. That's what is required for humanity to have a future on a largely uninhabitable Earth, and with a richer civilization than we presently have.


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The Indexed Ice Age Carousel (video) provides an overview of the Ice Age Challenge, which among many aspects, the historic Global Warming event that ended in the late 1990s, was a part of.

Many vistas appear as the carousel turns, even while those riding the Merry Go Round are oblivious in their indifference to the real world, that their future slips from them by their own inaction

The transcript for the video will contain relevant index references to my numerous previous videos on the subjects of the Ice Age, Global Warming, Economics, Science, and Energy.


Subjects in this video include historic measurements in Carbon-14, Beryllium-10, ice cores, direct solar measurements, plasma sun, primer fields, interglacial climate collapse, and the Ice Age Renaissance challenge.

 Opening Music from 2017 BRICS Summit, and closing music from the 2016 G20 Summit, from their cultural gala events, both in China.

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A viewer asked about the 90,000 year Ice Age. Would it be an extermination level event?  All life on earth could never survive an Ice Age this long.  Am I correct in my assumption?

I answered that this would be so if humanity would choose NOT to build the infrastructures needed for human living in an Ice Age world, as is presently the case.

In this we wouldn't last more than 3 years, if that. I expect, however, that humanity will rouse itself, with all nations participating, and all people raising themselves above the present small-minded existence, to build what is needed. Then humanity has a future. The critical junction lays in our time.

We have 30 years left. It will take two decades to build the infrastructures. But do we see anyone standing in the hustings to mobilize society? The hustings are empty.

Still, I have faith in humanity, that we will develop the love for one another and for our humanity to build us that future that we cherish. The materials, energy resources, and technologies all exist. I am counting on that we will have enough love for one-another to put the spate into the ground, to protect the most precious, which is us.

A historic precedent exists in the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia, where society called off 100 years of war and promoted instead what is of "the advantage of each other." If we don't win on this front, the first decade of the Ice Age will be an extermination event indeed, for 99.9% of humanity.

Humanity came close to becoming extinct between roughly 160,000 to 130,000 years ago, when the world population had dwindled to just a few hundred, living in caves at Pinnacle Point in South Africa, existing of the sea. The close call is termed in archaeology "the population bottleneck".

I think we will do better this time around. It only takes a measure of good will to get us out from the current trap.

For one to see the 90,000-year Ice Age as an extermination phase, referring to all life, is not far off the mark. During the previous Ice Age, between 60% to 80% of all species of mammals living on various continents, over 40Kg in size, became extinct. The extinction is termed in archaeology as the Quaternary Extinction Event. It appears that animals have the same problem that we have. When the food no longer grows, extinction happens. However, we have the power today to organize a phase shift with technological means. It is a big project, but not hard to do. We have all the needed resources. But will we do it?

The answer to this question will determine whether one will be able to live past the 2050s. And this big IF may depend on how each one individually becomes involved to shape the answer.


Grand Solar Minimum becomes the Ice Age -  Part 3 -  Amazing Sun Lieracy

The magnetic field of the Sun's north pole has vanished. Let's ask the Sun what it has to say about that.


Grand Solar Minimum becomes the Ice Age - Uncertainty - Part 2

The interglacial climate is diminishing, the cycle intervals are getting shorter, the face of the Sun 'darkens', and the solar wind is fast fading. The next Grand Solar Minimum in to the 2030s promises to become the start of the next Ice Age.


Grand Solar Minimum becomes the Ice Age

Earth becomes uninhabitable. It's
time to start building a New World


Ice Age is Digital - Awake

Part 6: of the series, "To be, or not to be?"
- The Ice Age transition is fast, enormous, and brutal, but if we awake, we can live with it better than we live now.


Ice Age Start-up: 1st phase now 45% complete

3-fold measured evidence:
Solar Activity Proxies:
Carbon-14 and Beryllium-10 ratios, sunspot cycles
Solar measurements:
collapsing wind pressure, magnetic field, and corona
Measured on Earth:
cooling, magnetic pole drift, cloudiness, droughts


Ice Age of the dimming Sun in 30 years 

Below a minimal plasma-density threshold, the primer fields collapse, the Sun becomes inactive.  70% less solar energy is being radiated. The Ice Age begins. The transition may be as short as a day.


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