Dust in Antarctic ice during Ice Ages -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Ice Age Dust: Savior of Humanity

Part 7 of the series: To Be or Not to Be?

The dust that cooled the climate further during the Ice Ages
Where did the dust come from?
What does this mean for us today?

The ice is so thick in Antarctica that it yields historic samples that take us back in time for more than half a million years. It is interesting to note that the dust spikes dramatically in the last half of each glacial period and continues on to the next interglacial period, where it abruptly ends. The dust is so massive that it cools the climate further, even during an Ice Age.

Where does the dust come from? How does it get to Antarctica? What is significant about it for us today?

The obvious answer is that it comes from space in the form of asteroid intrusions that results from decaying orbits in the Asteroid Belt. The decay is the natural by-product of the solar system operating without its primer fields during glacial conditions. That's a normal condition when the digital Ice Age cycle flips to its glacial mode, operating without primer fields and a consequently lower-intensity Sun, as we will experience in 30 years for the first time in the entire history of civilization. The dust during the Ice Ages doesn't cause this, but stands as a reminder that the ice ages are digital, real, and unimaginably harsh for human living without large-scale technological infrastructures supporting us, which need yet to be build.

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