Ice Planet Earth uninhabitable in the 2050s without infrastructures -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Ice Age 6-in-1 Flank
for meeting the Ice Age Challenge that changes everything

Flanking the ongoing collapse of:
Energy, Water, Infrastructures,
Climate, Economics, Cooperation

Part 2: of the series, "To be, or not to be?"
 - The issue is reality; the Earth becoming uninhabitable in the 2050s, with us remaining alive and civilization becoming a renaissance.

The near Ice Age imposes a challenge for which grand solutions are required that are of a type and magnitude for which higher-level platforms are needed, because anything less offers no hope. In this context the near Ice Age becomes our salvation. It opens up a weak flank in the collapse of Energy, Water, Infrastructures, Climate, Economics, and Cooperation. These have become arenas of crisis that have been getting worse in recent years, because small-minded incremental solutions don't solve anything anymore. We got stuck in these areas, because fundamental transformations are required for advanced platforms to be established that lay outside the scope of a small-minded world, but which are required for continued living on a planet that becomes uninhabitable without technological infrastructures.

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