Feature Project - Ice Age 2050s Certified video -  Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Ice Age 2050s Certified

This video exploration is designed to inspire society
to cease the greatest opportunity in history
that is being largely ignored
in small-minded

We are looking at 3 distinct processes
 in the escalating climate change on the road to the Ice Age.

Phase 1: Cosmic-ray induced global cooling and climate collapse.
Phase 2: The dimming of the Sun starts when the solar wind stops.
Phase 3: Primer Fields collapse - hibernating Sun starts the Ice Age.

The Ice Age Challenge is not of a type that can be responded to reactively, similar to nuclear war. If we delay our response till it happens, it will be too late. Nor is the actual Phase 3 start-up of the Ice Age of critical importance. The critical phase is Phase 1, the phase of the climate collapse that devastates agriculture as the Earth gets colder and drier, year after year, for the next 15 years. If we rise to the challenge and build us a climate independent New Word with technological infrastructures, such as indoors agriculture afloat in the tropics, we will create ourselves a secure future, the brightest ever, versus having none. But will we do it?

If we do this, the Ice Age startup will be insignificant, because then we will live securely. If we fail, the Ice Age startup won't be significant either, as few will be alive to witness the event. The critical time is now!

run time: 1:25 min.


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