Video exploration on Napoleon, Empire, the Ice Age, and the Sun -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Napoleon, Ice Age, and the Empire Sun

The cake walk into Russia in 1812, became a disaster that sank the French Empire


 In honour of the "Belt and Road" world forum in Beijing, China, on May 14-15, 2017:
a win-win platform for economic development - peace and security building on the foundation of international cooperation and universal prosperity.

A Rolf A. F. Witzsche (video) Exploration Production, presented in 3 parts (flowing into each other).

Part 1: Napoleon's catastrophic defeat in Russia
The collapse of the system of empire,  that it forced upon itself in 1812, began with Napoleon's catastrophic defeat in Russia. It prefigures humanity of today, rushing equally blindly into its near Ice Age Future, with no preparations for it.

  • Yes, the recurring Ice Age is our future (in the 2050s). While it can be ignored, as it is, it cannot be avoided.

Part 2: The false face of the Empire Sun
Empire bears a false face. It claims the glory of a sun, and with it, it projects a false image also of the Sun that it modeled after itself. But is the universe defined by empire, or by its own principles?

  • Physical evidence paints the Sun with the colors of truth. By us knowing the truth we avoid tragic consequences. We then move with the dynamics of the universe, not against them.

Part 3: Dawn of freedom, from empire
1813 saw the dawning of the 'end of empire' in Europe by the dawn of freedom. With freedom in the heart, truth, humanity, and economic development happen to meet the common needs of mankind.

  • The Ice Age Challenge opens immense development potentials. The system of empire falls by the wayside as we reach for the 'stars' in building new worlds, new industrial revolutions, and advanced platforms for human living

From the Cygni Ice Age Climate 'University'
Exploring an alternate theory for the Ice Ages and of the Sun as the cause for them

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