Grand Solar Minimum becomes the Ice Age - part 3 -  Amazing Sun Literacy, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Amazing Sun Literacy

The coming Grand Solar Minimum will be the Full Ice Age
The solar system is crashing!


The magnetic field of the Sun's north pole has vanished, as another shoe drops on the 'rush' to the next Ice Age with a potential phase shift in the 2050s. The polar magnetic polarity reversal that should have happened in 2013, didn't materialize. The Sun doesn't have a magnetic north pole anymore.

How is this possible? Let's ask the Sun what it has to say about that. For this, we need to decipher its language, the principles that make it tick. As we let it 'speak', it tells us an amazing story, of why its solar cycles are getting longer, the polar reversals weaker, and the sunspot numbers are getting smaller, with all this being connected why it rotates faster at the equator than at its poles.

Opening music is from the 2017 BRICS Summit gala event. The up-beat music reflects our human potential to build us a new world that the Ice Age cannot touch, with a brighter and richer civilization than we presently have.

The Ice Age imperative may be one of the big drivers that we have that is big enough to inspire us to work together as a single humanity, thus to lay aside the small-minded terrors that presently darken our world, such as the nuclear weapons threats, imperial wars, economic collapse, political insanity, and so on.

Yes, we have a potential for a bright future in the already near Ice Age world, if we make it so. And why shouldn't we? The principles lay before us, for the grasping. Universal good, as a concept, is already on the agenda in China with the Belt and Road initiative, and with the call by Russia for a new world-security architecture that can actually work. The ‘rush’ for meeting the common aims of mankind appears to be on track with the astrophysical ‘rush’ to the next Ice Age that we cannot reverse, but can raise ourselves above, by building a new world that the Ice Age dynamics cannot touch. What seemed hopeless just a few years ago, is now sweeping the world clean of archaic myths and modes from numerous directions, building up a single direction that is raising evermore people out of their easy chair and into action. This video is just a part of the unfolding movement of universal good.

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Grand Solar Minimum becomes the Ice Age - Simplified, Part 1

And earlier, simpler version that focuses primarily on the rarely recognized fact that the interglacial climate is diminishing, and the cycle intervals of the major events are getting shorter.


Grand Solar Minimum becomes the Ice Age

Earth becomes uninhabitable. It's
time to start building a New World


Ice Age is Digital - Awake

Part 6: of the series, "To be, or not to be?"
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Ice Age Start-up: 1st phase now 45% complete

3-fold measured evidence:
Solar Activity Proxies:
Carbon-14 and Beryllium-10 ratios, sunspot cycles
Solar measurements:
collapsing wind pressure, magnetic field, and corona
Measured on Earth:
cooling, magnetic pole drift, cloudiness, droughts

Ice Age 2050s: 'Certainty'

Is the next Ice Age near? Yes!

Should we be concerned? Yes again!


Ice Age of the dimming Sun in 30 years 

Below a minimal plasma-density threshold, the primer fields collapse, the Sun becomes inactive.  70% less solar energy is being radiated. The Ice Age begins. The transition may be as short as a day.


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Video on the Belt and Road Initiative

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Uncertainty for the next Grand Solar Minimum becoming the full Ice Age and the Earth uninhabitable - Creating a New World ends uncertainty.


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