Grand Solar Minimum becomes the Ice Age -Part2-  Uncertainty -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Grand Solar Minimum - Uncertainty, Part 2

The interglacial climate is diminishing,
the cycle intervals are getting shorter,
the face of the Sun 'darkens',
and the solar wind is fast fading.

We have observed Grand Solar Minimum events, and large Global Warming events for more than three thousand years, and we saw their amplitude and intervals shrinking, while interglacial climate and solar activity was diminishing at an an ever-faster rate.  Now, since the year-2000, even the solar wind began to diminish, at a rate of 30% in 10 years. Even the 11-year solar cycles have slowed down to 13 years. The climate scene has become a scene of a wide-open uncertainty.

Ironically, the next anticipated Grand Solar Minimum event of the 2030/40 timeframe, has a different cause than the historic minimum events, which renders the event unrecoverable, whereby it unfolds into the start of the next Ice Age that renders the Earth largely uninhabitable for 90,000 years into the future. We need to develop a new humanist paradigm with the science involved that would inspire us to built ourselves out of the climate crisis, by building us a New World that the Ice Age Climate cannot touch. Only then, when we are in control, will the uncertainty end.

Opening music from a cello piece by Rodion Shchedrin. Closing music from the 2016 G20 cultural gala event in China.

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It has been suggested may times that we are not heading into the next ice age, but just into another cooling cycle, while the next ice age is still 50.000 years away.

What can I say on this issue of cycles?

The simple fact is that the cosmic resources do not exist to pull the Sun out of its 'dying down' to the next Ice Age. The process that drove the cycles that we have seen in the past, such as from the Oort Minimum to Maunder Minimum, has become so diminished that these types of cycles no longer amount to anything, Even the big warming events of the past have all diminished. There is nothing left in the solar system that can pull us out of the now ongoing climate collapse. We have come to the end of the big cycle, the interglacial cycle, which isn't really a cycle either, but is merely a cyclical event caused by the threshold conditions.

This video is designed to address the issue of historic cycles.

It would be wonderful if we had another 50,000 years left of the current interglacial, instead of the 30 years that we do have, for which the evidence is everywhere.
Ultimately, it doesn't matter when the Ice Age begins if we don't respond to the already ongoing climate collapse. We are already experiencing massive crop losses, food rationing, and catastrophic spring blizzards. We are at the beginning of a gigantic food crisis that is fast getting worse, which we won't survive long at the present speed of the climate collapse. We are not heading into another cycle. We are heading towards a phase shift. It is dangerous to think in terms of cycles at this stage, because this thinking implies that we can weather the storm, whereby nothing gets done to create the infrastructures that our continued existence depends on in the very near future. The talk about cycles puts people to sleep. It's the song for depopulation. Would you like to be 'depopulated?' Then keep on dreaming this wonderful dream of the endless summer with nothing bigger than just a few rainy days along the way..

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Uncertainty for the next Grand Solar Minimum becoming the full Ice Age and the Earth uninhabitable - Creating a New World ends uncertainty.


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