Science video with Ice Age evidence -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Galactic, Solar, and Planetary Systems

of an Efficient Electric Universe 
with evidence of the next Ice Age


One Principle, One Universe, Many Expressions

In electric cosmology all evidence points to a single principle expressed in galactic systems, solar systems, and planetary systems. Contrary to Old World doctrines the uniting universal principle is not King Gravity, which plays only a minuscule role, but is the electric force that is expressed in plasma that pervades all space. Plasma streams and their manifestations that together make up 99.999% of the mass of the Universe, are the 'creators' of galaxies and planets, not Big Bang cosmic dust. The universe is dynamically powered by electric processes that are expressed in the very large scale in galactic systems, on a smaller scale in solar systems, and on the 'tiny' scale in planetary systems. We live in a universe that operates as a  single unit that is so immensely efficient that it actually functions.

You are invited to explore a revolution in cosmic science that opens up a fundamentally New World in perceiving the physical universe that redefines the boundary between what is tragically practical and what is inherently efficient. The New World cosmos comes to light with several types of laboratory experiments and explorations that reflect in the small the observed features on the gigantic scale. Nor is the exploration merely hypothetical. It reveals the scientific foundation for the startling recognition of the beginning of the next Ice Age in 30 years with a 70% weaker Sun that promises to alter the world more deeply than anything experienced in the history of civilization, which in the same context promises to inspire a revolutionarily uplifted expression of our amazingly capable humanity as we respond to the Ice Age challenge.


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Summary of the evidence of the near new Ice Age and its root in the electric universe.

Outside the Box: 
cold nuclear-fusion powers Sun

The physical evidence is exclusively on the side of cold nuclear fusion externally powered by interstellar electric plasma stream. 


Ice Age of the dimming Sun in 30 years 

Below a minimal plasma-density threshold, the primer fields collapse, the Sun becomes inactive.  70% less solar energy is being radiated. The Ice Age begins. The transition may be as short as a day.


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Looking for a flank out of the mental degeneracy of our time?

A huge open flank exists in scientific honesty about the single, fundamental, operating principle of the galactic, solar, and planetary systems. The flank defies the core of all imperial constrictive doctrines that have blocked the very essence of astronomy and humanity in modern time. The flank rests on the one uniting principle that is reflected in the 3 types of cosmic systems, and in a higher context in humanity. 

The flank opens up when one steps away from the imperial doctrine where King Gravity rules the universe, to the recognition of the universal electric force that is 39 orders of magnitude stronger than gravity, and when expressed in cosmic plasma streams, has an infinite range.

A large body of evidence of electrodynamics in the cosmos reveals that our solar system is presently in a transition zone towards our plasma-powered Sun going inactive in the 2050s, with a 70% reduction in radiated solar energy, with which the Ice Age begins anew. The evidence for this is monumental, and so are the consequences for all of humanity. Here lies the flank.

We don't have the option not to prepare our world for the relocating of Canada, Europe, Russia, and parts of China and India, and so on, into the tropics before their territories become uninhabitable in the 2050s, which will occur with scientific certainty that is hard to deny.

The building of infrastructures for the relocation of entire nations, including their agriculture, industries, and cities, forces an industrial revolution on a giant scale on humanity, which by its very magnitude becomes a flank all by itself that discredits the currently operating concepts of practicality in economy, finance, politics, culture, and human relationships.

The flank can 'open' the potential to restage the world onto an efficient, higher-level, human platform by its own imperative. This option is real. The danger is that we deny the reality of the giant flank and remain "a little people," just as we presently deny the fundamental essence of the galactic, solar, and planetary systems by honouring the constrictive imperial doctrines that are paraded as science to block scientific development.

The flank stands open. It promises the greatest renaissance of all times. But will we step through the open door? That's the question that will determine the future of humanity. 

(see video "Electric Galactic and Solar systems with Ice Age evidence" at:  and )

To See the Invisible in the Mind
 Don't you agree that the process of discovery is the process of seeing in the mind the physically invisible against the background of creative laboratory experiments, which becomes, by the uniting quality of reason, a fit basis for understanding the galactic, solar, and planetary systems in new and revolutionary contexts.

Simply put, the force of gravity is invisible, but when an apple falls on one's head, one can feel its effect. That open the portal of discovery. Asking the question, why?

Johannes Kepler 'saw' the solar system by its effects, but the cause for what is expressed in the orbits of the planets, could only be seen through the open door of the mind. 

Another step of discovery leads to the recognition that King Gravity is NOT the sole actor in the universe, since after all, the universal electromagnetic force is 39 orders of magnitude stronger than gravity, though it too, is invisible. And it too, can be discerned by its 

In cosmic space the electric force becomes evident by the self-aligning effect on plasma streams that are likewise invisible. Plasma is the term for the carriers of electricity in space, the life-blood of galaxies and solar systems. It consists of protons and electrons that are 100,000 times smaller than an atom, with the electrons being a thousand times smaller still. They cannot be seen, but they do become visible by their effects. Flowing plasma interacts with atomic elements. Energized atoms can emit light. In a few rare cases densely concentrated plasma interacting with atomic elements causes some amazing light shows in cosmic space, which reveal the dynamics of the operating principles in galactic systems. The parts of the dynamics that remain invisible, can be made visible in the mind with the scientific recognition of the dynamics involved, rather than assuming that the dynamics do not exist, so that the galactic ecliptic disk., the ecliptic orbits of planets, and the ecliptic planetary ring systems magically happen without an active cause. However, with an open scientific mind, one can see the forces that cause the effects, because the effects can be correlated with the dynamics that have been explored in physical, laboratory experiments.

That's how we can 'see' the galactic system as it really is, rather than in the way it appears to a 'little' people with a closed mind.

Yes, it is correct to say that the key to the future lies in the scientific understanding of the monumental forces operating in the galactic and solar systems. The dynamic effects that one sees there make it rather plain that our solar system is in a transition phase towards the Sun going inactive in the 2050s with a 70% lower energy radiation.

All this means that with the eyes of the mind, supported by honest science, we can see the future and prepare for it, which the merely 'practically' minded 'small people' as Friedrich Schiller had put it, cannot see, and therefore deny. The same realization applies also to economics, finance, politics, culture, and more. With scientific honesty a new and more efficient civilization potentially unfolds before us that promises a renaissance that will render the coming Ice Age, which we cannot avoid anyway, to have no effect on human living. This renders the human being the Supreme Being for as far as we can see.

(see video "Electric Galactic and Solar systems... at:  and )



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