Epic Flooding on the Ice Age Path -  video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Floods and Ice Age

Are we prepared for the future?


Flood disasters have become increasingly common in recent years, all over the world, often together with increasing drought conditions and unseasonal freezing. These are all natural fringe effects of the now rapidly weakening Sun that is reflected in increasing cosmic-ray flux and its ionization of the atmosphere, which dramatically enhances the cloud-forming process and their raining out. As the result the Earth gets colder, the tropics warmer, the landmasses drier, and conditions for epic flooding increase with increasingly larger coronal holes appearing on the Sun.

The increases are happening at a fast rate. The recovery of the Sun from the Little Ice Age in the 1600s to the year 2000 occurred over a span of 300 years, that gave us 300 years of solar global warming. The reverse that is now in progress, is happening ten times as fast. Every single year now takes us 10 years backwards, reversing the 300-years historic up-ramping of the Sun. This fast pace of solar weakening will likely go on for another 30 years, with another Little Ice Age happening along the way towards the Full Ice Age beginning in the 2050s. Till then, the droughts become larger and harsher and the floods bigger and more devastating. On this path it becomes economically advantageous to place agricultures into indoors facilities and afloat onto the equatorial seas, secure from flooding, together with floating cities that are provided for free as highways are provided for free.

On this platform of a new industrial revolution, agricultural revolution, powered by a new cultural renaissance, the immensely dangerous commitment to war, especially to nuclear war that no one had the courage to stop for 70 years, will fall by the wayside, and humanity will be able to live and see the new era unfolding.

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