The Economic Miracle -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Economic Miracle is Natural: a Principle

Forward-Oriented Economics: Gate to the Future


Economic miracles have occurred throughout history. They typically begin when the natural principle of economics becomes recognized, understood and applied, such as for the rapid economic recovery of Germany and of Japan out of the ashes of the Second World War. The fundamental principles involved, are so powerful in wealth-creating effects for the general welfare of society that 'miracles' result when the principles are applied. This renders economics a forward-oriented process that is essential for dealing with the Ice Age Challenge, and is our only hope to free us from nuclear war.

Presently, the process of economics is forced backwards. That's the current 'song' in the western world (the Empire Song), with which everything is collapsing for this reason, and wars are staged under the backwards force. The backwards-oriented nature is hidden, of course, with obscuring names, slogans, artificial glitter, and empty promises, while the fact remains that nothing works when the fundamental principles of economics are ignored, which are exclusively forward oriented.

The video explores the theoretical aspects involved, with an appendix added that explores the down-to-earth aspects with selected dialogs and stories from my novel, Endless Horizons.


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