Sunlight related to Climate Change -  a science video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Climate Change in the sunlight

A tale of two models for the Sun, sunlight, and the near Ice Age


The video explores the evidence of two opposing models for the Sun. One is the widely accepted model of the internally heated Sun as a sphere of hydrogen gas. The opposite model is that of the externally powered Sun as a sphere of plasma, with plasma-fusion reactions occurring on its surface. It is often referred to as the Electric Sun model. Both models have correspondingly opposite consequences for their oppositely perceived climate dynamics. 
Two key factors stand between the two models: the white spectrum of sunlight and the numerous lines of light absorption spectra that are overlaid on it. Only one model for the Sun can create these commonly visible phenomena. Here we also find the key to the big climate changes on Earth, via changing solar cosmic-ray flux that affects cloudiness that renders the Earth colder as the white top of clouds reflect a part of the received solar energy back into space.
This is the plasma Sun model, which on all counts disproves the widely promoted hydrogen Sun model. 

But why is the false model for the Sun, that is riddled with paradoxes, as widely promoted as it is? The answer points to an ongoing war against science in the halls of empire, where scientific and technological progress is recognized as a mortal threat to the very system of empire. This led to the great debates in the 1900s, within empire, of whether to disable science, or to control it with devolutionary concepts, such as the Big Bang theory that the hydrogen Sun model is a part of, and the theory of orbiting stars in a galaxy that defies the physical principles of orbital motions discovered by Johannes Kepler in the 1600s, who pioneered the principle of science based on truth.

On the platform of truth having been overturned with irrational imaginations, society has become inspired to commit economic suicide and mass genocide under the doctrine of manmade global warming for the depopulation goals demanded by empire. These are demonstrated to have no foundation under the plasma Sun model, which in addition is the scientific platform that enables the recognition of the Ice Age dynamics, which all by itself has the potential to inspire the greatest industrial and cultural renaissance of all times for dealing with the Ice Age challenge that promises to render all the northern countries uninhabitable in the 2050s timeframe, which humanity has the power to live with.


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