Climate Change: Climate Collapse - Introduction -  video by  Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Climate Change = Climate Collapse

Introduction to the 4-segment series

The series addresses seven basic critical facts in truthful climate science

Fact 1 The Earth is in a terminal phase of global cooling.
Fact 2 Global Warming did happen, was caused by the Sun, and has ended in the 1990s.
Fact 3 The Manmade Global Warming doctrine was impelled by political reasons.
Fact 4 The science of the Sun and solar dynamics was intentionally perverted.
Fact 5 Atmospheric CO2 is at a 600-million-years low. The biosphere is starving.
Fact 6 Manmade carbon gases are no bigger than a mouse, vs the World Trade towers.
Fact 7 The political driver is a long train of latent philosophical errors, amplified in 1790.

Links to the 4 segments

Segment 1 - Swamp of Latent Errors

Segment 2 - Global Cooling is Real

Segment 3 - Carbon, Climate, and the Sun

Segment 4 - To Create a New World


In order to cover the wide subject, I have divided the exploration into 4 segments with the titles shown below. (click on the title above)
The introduction video (below) presents an overview of the 4 segments, and an exploration of why the series is needed.
This video series is presented in honor and support of President Trump's considering, or launching, a Presidential Committee on Climate Science.

run time: 52 min.

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The Science Background

#1:The historic 'imperative'
#2: Early explorations
#3: Modern physical measurements
#4: Imperatives for human existence
#5: Advanced theories

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