Black Holes Under the Stars -  video Part 12, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Black Holes in Science: Dangerous Effects of Dreaming

 Solved by Waking Up


We have built ourselves up, scientifically, with the profound recognition of the plasma universe that is now dawning

That what all the discovered evidence relates to for cosmic phenomena that have been observed in the past, but which had been shrouded with exotic dream-like perceptions. However, the train of progress has become snared to a halt by the still lingering doctrine that all cosmic phenomena must be related to mass, gravity, and gravitational interaction alone. This continuing trap, which is a mental trap, still forces the exclusion of 99.999% of the mass of the universe that exists as plasma, from almost all science considerations in cosmology, as if plasma didn't exist.

The resulting trap is so rich with inventions of exotic epicycles theories that it has kept the eyes and minds of much of humanity closed for far too long to what is actually happening.  That's dangerous, because it continues to bock society's recognition of the start of the next Ice Age in the 2050s and the resulting immense consequences. We cannot afford this danger.

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