Black Holes Under the Stars -  video Part 7, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Neutron Star Paradoxes

 Solved by Nuclear Physics


It is well understood that neutrons do not exist naturally.

Neutrons exist nowhere in isolated form. They are the product of a process that creates the environment that enables their existence. Neutrons do not exist anywhere in the universe outside of this environment. This environment is created with the investment of energy.

A neutron is formed inside an atomic nucleus when two protons are forced to join there. For this joining, a large amount of energy is required that becomes absorbed in the transformation process of a proton becoming a neutron. When the joining is reversed, the latent energy is released and the neutron becomes a proton again. In the dreaming of exotic theories that are designed to comply with doctrines, the known principles are set aside as if no other option was possible than exotic dreaming. Fortunately, another option exists.

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