Black Holes Under the Stars -  video Part 3, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Dreams of Dark Energy that blocks light

 Solved by living with open eyes


Many a dream with long-standing acclaim is fading into oblivion. The dreams are fading with the awakening of humanity to the truth.

One of the fading dreams, is the dream of Dark Energy.

It is said that the reason why sunspots on the Sun appear almost black, is that we see dark energy streaming out of the sunspot holes. In real terms, however, the sunspots are dark, because the Sun is largely empty inside. There is no such phenomenon possible anyway, as Dark Energy that blocks sunlight from shining through, which we would see if the Sun was internally heated.

This means that what we see on the Sun is not an illusion. The solar actions occur on the surface. The Sun really IS dark inside.

The surface-powered (electric plasma) Sun theory is critical for understanding solar physics, astrophysics, and the Ice Age dynamics.

 run time 17 min
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