Black Holes Under the Stars -  video Part 2, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Dreaming of Manmade Global Warming

 Solved by Science Awaking


The doctrine of manmade global warming is a politically motivated dream.

The dream is fast becoming history on the path of advancing discoveries. The global-warming club sees its membership shrinking. The doctrine lacks the necessary foundation in truth for it to hold its standing among an increasingly alert society.

Carbon-14 measurements, which serve as a proxy for solar activity intensity, show with dramatic clarity that the global warming of the Earth from the 1700s onward, was not caused by humanity, but was caused by a massive up-ramping in solar activity. This is what the measured historic Carbon-14 evidence tells us. This single breakthrough opens up a whole new dimension in climate science, and vast new potential freedoms for humanity.

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