Black Holes Under the Stars -  introduction video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

I don't want to grow up - dreaming is wonderful

Flat Earth Dreaming, Epicycles, Kepler stopped dreaming


Dreaming may be wonderful, but being awake, that's where the real wonders begin. Growing up becomes an open door to what one can't even imagine yet, while dreaming.

The video presents a visual overview of the wide range of science-dreaming in astrophysics that began in ancient times and still continues. The subjects include: Orbiting Stars, Global Warming, Dark Energy, Black Holes, Bending Space, Gravity Waves, Neutron Paradoxes, Star Eaters, Super-massive Neutron Stars, Star Explosions, the Big Bang Dreaming. All involve some forms of dreaming in science.

 run time 9 min
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