Black Holes Under the Stars -  video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Science has become a land of exotic dreaming

Orbiting Stars, Global Warming, Dark Energy, Black Holes,
Bending Space, Gravity Waves, Neutron Paradoxes, Star Eaters
Super-massive Neutron Stars, Star Explosions, Big Bang Dreaming


Dreaming is wonderful, but being awake is where the real fun begins.

The video presents a comprehensive overview of the wide range of dreaming in science that has placed a black mark on science itself, and subsequent waking up that is at hand.

While in dreaming nothing is ever real, the dreaming in the sciences, especially in astrophysics and solar physics, has far greater than mere academic consequences, as it blocks the recognition of the dynamics that shape our world and our humanity.

run time 2:17 min

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Black Holes Under the Stars - Introduction

Black Holes, Part 1, Orbiting Stars

Black Holes, Part 2, Manmade Global Warming

Black Holes, Part 3, Dark Energy

Black Holes, Part 4, Holes Dreaming

Black Holes, Part 5, Bending Universe

Black Holes, Part 6, Gravity Waves

Black Holes, Part 7, Neutron Paradoxes

Black Holes, Part 8, Super-massive Holes

Black Holes, Part 9, Star Eaters

Black Holes, Part 10, Star Explosions

Black Holes, Part 11, Universe Exploding

Black Holes, Part 12, Black Holes in Science




The video presentation is provided as a series, divided by topics

The scope of the science-dreaming has become so extensive in modern time that the exploration of it covers a wide field. The result of it became a rather lengthy video presentation. In order to make the wide range of the aspects more accessible, I have also provided the presentation separated by topics into the form of a 12-part series of individual videos.

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Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

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