China's Belt and Road Initiative, a potential step towards saving humanity - video by  Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The physical humanist paradigm for humanity to have a future!

The "Belt and Road" becomes the World Bridge

This is the way for building our future!
If it isn't, very few people will remain alive to lament the 'non-event.'

Humanity is rushing towards a doom it cannot see, or is not allowed to see, or does not wish to see, of which the recognition is actively prevented. Thus the doom may not be prevented.

But China, with its long cultural and scientific tradition may be an exception. It may see what no one cares enough to see, and thus create itself solutions to save its existence, its future, and the future of humanity with it.

run time: 55 min.


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A quick overview.

Solar activity is collapsing; the Earth's climate is collapsing with it; we need to build climate-independent agriculture: the World Bridge for a new food resource - that's what China's Belt and Road initiative may turn into.

This video explores a range of subjects: One is the science of plasma cosmology and its numerous physical measurements of the collapsing solar dynamics towards the near Ice Age phase shift in the 2050s, for which technological indoor agriculture needs to be created as a critical necessity to maintain the world  food supply.

The opposite is the Big Bang counter-science, or science perversion, of the H. G. Wells ideology that prevents the needed infrastructure from being built. Wells appears to have understood, according to his novel, The Time Machine, that in order to protect the imperial system, science needs to be controlled or be disabled by perversion, as in the case of the Big Bang cosmology that emerged in the 1920s, when the debates were going on, as to what to do with science.

China has an advantage in breaking away from the Wessian betrayal of humanity, towards recovering of what is real, and responding to it, because China's long history, and tragic experiences under imperial rule, has protected the nation to some degree against the Wellsian deep penetration by which the Western nation became trapped into a doom they cannot see, nor are able to defend themselves against.

Whether the conflict between truth and perversion can be overcome and truth be established, determines whether humanity will have a bright future or none at all. With China's support, we may have a future.


musical background, sources, and some images (BRICS 2017 Summit gala, China ) (2016-G20 opening celebration (Sept. 4, 2016)) (Belt and Road Forum closing gala (May 14, 2017)) (LaRouche's Tripple Curve of self-collapsing monetarism.)

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