The 70th Anniversary of Nuclear War -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Nuclear War should have NEVER happened

For 70 years the war build-up for human extinction brought
the world to the cliff


The terror of nuclear war has been hanging over the heads of all humanity since the first atomic bombs were dropped on August 6 and August 9, 1945 onto the cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in Japan, which were both instantly destroyed. The madness of making war should have stopped at this time. With the destructive force of the atomic bomb, war became essentially unsurvivable.

The peace movements have never addressed the question of what a human being is as the diamond in the sky of life.

Just look into the sky and ask yourself how many quadrillions of miles, or millions of light years one would have to traverse to encounter another world that is as richly pervaded with intelligent life - a world of living marvels of poetry, music, art, literature, song, science, technology, caring, loving, producing and creating, provided that another such world exists at all. By what folly do we stand prepared to destroy the marvel that we have right here? Should we not rather protect what we have, by all possible means, and above all find such great value in ourselves that we draw the line, here and now, against all forms of war, all forms of looting and destroying one-another?



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Terror became war. The first objective was to eradicate the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union defended itself the game of terror became the Mutually Assured Destruction doctrine for which, in the mid 1980s, 65,000 strategic nuclear bombs were deployed against humanity worldwide. 

Now the terror game by the West is, to win the world for global domination in a First Strike 'limited' nuclear blitz that no one may survive. We celebrate the 70th anniversary of the miracle that are still alive, and the task to assure that we will remain alive. The video includes the 1st chapter of my Cold War novel, Brighter than the Sun.


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