The Nation (Soul), Science (Truth), Economics (Love), and Empire (emptiness)

110  political, scientific, and cultural videos
Presented in honour of 

Lyndon H. LaRouche

the founder of LPAC, and patriot for half of century in the fight for peace, and the advance of economic, scientific, technological, and cultural development, worldwide in our time

Why LaRouche?

This page presents videos produced by the 
LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC)

selected and arranged by Rolf A. F Witzsche

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Dialog with Lyndon LaRouche 
tensors-counterpoint-and-creativity - 0:48  (July 2010)

A Brief History of Lyndon LaRouche's Strategic Defense Initiative - 0:25 

Hyperinflation: LaRouche's Triple Curve - 0:24

Make War Against the British Empire  - 0:06 

The LaRouche Plan for Economic Recovery, Now! - 0:10 (Jan. 2011)

Start of the LaRouche Candidates movement for U.S. Congress
Candidates Press Conference at the National Press Club - 0:35 (Feb. 2011)


The following list contains links to an arrangement of selected movies and videos produced by the men and women of the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC), financed by individual contributions from the USA and other nations (Donate). 

The list of videos is presented here not as a personal statement or ideology of the operator of this site, but is presented in honoring the profound ideas; contributions; commitment to peace, humanity, freedom, and economic development of the many individuals involved in the LPAC process, and in recognition of their individual development.. 

The selections on this site presents a kaleidoscope of concepts grouped into four categories:

1: The Nation (Soul) 
2: Science (Truth) 
3: Economics (Love)
4: Empire (emptiness)


Group #1

The Nation
an idea of Soul - civilization, sovereignty

Video Name  (Right-click to download, left-click to play, or click on LPAC link >>>)  Click here to include the source links Length  
9/1/2015 - Historic webcast: On winning against terrorism
note: slow starting
A Generation to Win 0:12  
1620   0:12  
Hamiltonian Dynamics 0:15  

1781 Revolution

Dynamics Hamilton Constitution 0:22  

The Constitutionality of the National Bank


The United States Presidency


1932 Speak Not of Parties But of Universal Principles


Firewall In Defense of the Nation State


The Glass Steagall Film


The True Story of The Bretton Woods


The New America


The Third National Bank of the United States

The American Spirit of the Blue Collar Worker 0:37  
Wir Sind Das Volk We Are The People! 0:07  
The Lost Chance of 1989 -part 1 0:50  
The Lost Chance of 1989 -part 2 - The fall of the Wall 0:47  
The Two Massachusetts 0:19  

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Bismarck and the American System

Asia's Nuclear Renaissance 0:12  
Nuclear power interviews 0:24  
The Four Powers 0:09  
The Future of Africa 0:09  
How To Win the War On Drugs 0:05  
The Dynamics of Mass Strike 0:20  
Rosa Luxemburg and LaRouche's Triple Curve 0:30  
Lyndon LaRouche Speaks on Mass Strike 0:03  
FCIC Report The Moral Test 0:33  
The Pursuit of Happiness (today)

In the Pursuit of Happiness (Abraham Lincoln)



 Who We Fight (J.F. Kennedy) 1:02  

10 Years Later (after 911)

Unsurvivable (nuclear war) 0:35  
SYRIA (focus for crisis) 0:47  
The Al Quaida Executve (Benghazi) 0:33  
Detroit: A Test Case for Genocide 0:30  

Group #2


the discovery of Truth - principles for infrastructures

Video Name  (Right-click to download, left-click to play, or click on LPAC link >>>) Click here to include the source links Length  

Dynamics and Vis-Viva-an-Introduction

Fermat vs Descartes - Dynamics light and economics 0:23  
Gauss and the physical tensor 0:27  
Ceres Appendix Gauss and the Physical Tensor 0:12  
Einstein and his violin

The Mind of Einstein



Louis Pasteur The Space of Life 0:40  
Evolutionary potential 0:43  
Biogenic migration of atoms: nitrogen 0:43  
Changing nature 0:07  
Chlorophyll and  infrastructure of life 0:28  
The Ingenious Work of the Lowly Little Chlorophyll 0:05  
Goodbye Global Warming 0:05  
Out of the Icebox 0:03  
Cosmic Rays 0:18  
The Science of Glass-Steagall 0:40  
A Weather Report on the Sun 0:30  
Report on CERN experiment CLOUD 0:07  
Strategic Defense of Earth and Viruses 0:15  
Debra Freeman on Ebola 0:35  

Group #3


the manifest of Love - revolution, industrialization

Video Name  (Right-click to download, left-click to play, or click on LPAC link >>>) Length  

Economic Value: a-return-to-future

The Impartial Spectator The religion of usuary 0:11  
A Tour of NAWAPA




NAWAPA Continental Implications 0:24  
To Conserve Man 0:41  
Taming the Darien Gap 0:23  
Africa Tour 0:21  
The Hope For Africa 0:20  
The Lesson of Sumer 0:12  
An Interview with John Hoefle - Debt Spiral 0:24  
NAWAPA-PLHINO The Future of the Americas 0:40  
INCHION Project 0:38  
Window to Space 0:55  

KRA Canal


Group #4


structures of emptiness - gross materialism

Video Name  (Right-click to download, left-click to play, or click on LPAC link >>>) Length  
1999 Storm Over Asia  (The escalating imperial holocaust)
a LaRouche classic
The New Dark Age 1:34  
The Bomb 0:12  
Space Time of Imperialism 0:49  
The Harvard Yard 1:03  
The Plight of Africa 0:45  
Silent Genocide 0:06  
Global Food Crisis then and now 0:16  
Endgame: The monetary system of empire 0:18  
Interview with John Hoefle (hunger) Revulsion or Revolution 0:40  
The Takedown of Glass-Steagall (trailer for GS film)

Glass Steagall Film (also posted in the "Nation section")



The Unitary Executive 015  
Palmerston's Zoo 0:17  
9/11 Cover is Blown 0:14  
Jeff Steinberg Interviewed on New 9-11 Developments 0:22  
Global Warming -- British for Genocide 0:08  
After All, the British Created Hitler 0:07  
Hitler's T-4 0:20  
Britain Against the World The Opium War 0:13  
The Nature of Dope Inc. 0:07  
Helga Zepp-LaRouche Lisbon Treaty Interview 0:14  
The Irony of the IMF 0:03  
The Octopus Known as Banco Santander 0:14  
The Destruction of NASA 0:32  


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