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Manmade Global Warming 

A political doctrine 


"propaganda was designed to unite nations against an imaginary common enemy - global climate change -"
willem middelkoop

Manmade global warming isn't physically possible. It isn't happening in the real world, and never will be. As a political game, it is deployed as a driver for under-development, economic collapse, and genocide through biofuels and sheer terror. Its implementation is a process of irregular warfare against humanity for the depopulation of the planet from the present world population of 7 billion people to less than 1 billion, as rapidly as possible, in order to enable the return of the golden age of feudalism.

Exploration videos by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Climate Change Action and Cosmic Dynamics

Rejoice: What we seek is already reality, on all counts.

Climate Change in the sunlight

Evidence in sunlight resolves the science paradoxes that today's crippling climate change theories are based on.

Absolute Climate Change

Accepted astrophysics disproved by: white sunlight, real climate change, and the next Ice Age in the 2050s.

Man-made Global Warming IMPOSSIBLE

Let me propose a quiz: What do you suppose is the CO2 portion of the TOTAL climate 'forcing?' Is it 30%, 10%, 3%, 1/2%, or 10 millionth of a percent?

Mass Murder with Biofuels

The mass-production of biofuels from high-nutritional foods, such as the production of ethanol and biodiesel, have become the driver for a worldwide food crisis that has become the greatest silent holocaust of all times.

Climate Science vs Carbon Politics

It is assumed in the Global Warming Climate Change theory that the Sun's energy output never varies. It is called the solar constant. On this basis the carbon dioxide gas in the air has been selected to play the villain that carries the blame for all the climate changes on earth. 

The Deception

A careful examination of the Man-made Global Warming doctrine is evidently warranted, especially in the light of the immense suffering that society has imposed on itself under this doctrine. 

Terror against our children

Empire demands a world of less than 1 billion people. With this ultimate form of terrorism we disable our children's humanity, as we have disabled our own. We forge a generation that has its future denied.

Beyond Terror, War

Now that the end game has begun, nuclear war that had never been intended to happen, and didn't happen, is very much intended to happen and may be upon us in the near future unless humanity terminates the age of empire to save itself.

Becoming Free of It

"I represent, the divine spirit of humanity, the spirit that is the heart of civilization, and the strength of the human fabric. If you deny that, then you doom yourself with a more-certain doom than your worst enemies could ever inflict on you.

Science Opposition

Since protest movements against the Global Warming Doctrine began, over 50,000 signatures and statements from the scientific community from numerous countries were collected in response to numerous petitions from different countries and different organizations.

Global Warming Carbon Politics

The Global Warming Doctrine was invented during the cold years of the 1960s and 70s when the science community became concerned about what might be needed to prepare our world for the impending return of the Ice Age.



A 'trip' to Mount Everest in the search for manmade global warming

Revealed at the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference


Revolt Inside American Physical Society Against Climate Fraud - 
article by LPAC - December 18, 2009 

Some very prominent members of the American Physical Society are circulating an open letter by e-mail, asking the Society to withdraw a position statement adopted on 2007 that supported the theory of global warming. The initiators of the letter include Bob Austin, Professor of Physics, Princeton; Hal Lewis, emeritus Professor of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara; Will Happer, Professor of Physics, Princeton; Larry Gould, Professor of Physics, Hartford; and Roger Cohen, former Manager, Strategic Planning, ExxonMobil.

The authors of the open letter have tried before, to get the APS management to withdraw the 2007 statement supporting global warming theory because it was based on fraudulent science. They were unsuccessful, and the APS management has also refused to bring the issue to the membership. Establishment science is circling the wagons to protect this fraud. Excerpts of the text of the open letter follow:

Dear fellow member of the American Physical Society:

This is a matter of great importance to the integrity of the Society. It is being sent to a random fraction of the membership, so we hope you will pass it on.

By now everyone has heard of what has come to be known as ClimateGate, which was and is an international scientific fraud, the worst any of us have seen in our cumulative 223 years of APS membership....

What has this to do with APS? In 2007 the APS Council adopted a Statement on global warming ... that was based largely on the scientific work that is now revealed to have been corrupted. (The principals in this escapade have not denied what they did, but have sought to dismiss it by saying that it is normal practice among scientists. You know and we know that that is simply untrue. Physicists are not expected to cheat.)

We have asked the APS management to put the 2007 Statement on ice until the extent to which it is tainted can be determined, but that has not been done. We have also asked that the membership be consulted on this point, but that too has not been done.

None of us would use corrupted science in our own work, nor would we sign off on a thesis by a student who did so. This is not only a matter of science, it is a matter of integrity, and the integrity of the APS is now at stake. That is why we are taking the unusual step of communicating directly with at least a fraction of the membership.

If you believe that the APS should withdraw a Policy Statement that is based on admittedly corrupted science, and should then undertake to clarify the real state of the art in the best tradition of a learned society, please send a note to the incoming President of the APS.

IPCC's Santer Admits Fraud .article by LPAC - December 18, 2009 

"After the scientists have sent in their finalized draft, and that finalized draft said at five different places, there is no discernable human effect on global temperature...  Santer went through, crossed out all of those, and substituted a new conclusion, and this has been the official conclusion ever since."


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