Glass Steagall versus bailout and bail-in

Freedom From Money with Glass-Steagall

A political debate 


Under the current world-financial system of private monetarism, profiteering and looting, with its associated bailout (thievery) to prop up the imperial banking system in the world, humanity has no hope for survival. Consequently society will die unless freedom is won from monetarism - not from money itself, but from the abuse of money, the oligarchic system that chokes civilization.

The latest imperial escalation in choking society to death - the bail-in process that confiscates depositors assets - is poised to force the collapse of civilization evermore intensely with the aim to leave nothing left standing. This is staged to happen long before the Ice Age begins, much less to have the economic strength to prevail to meet the Ice Age challenge.

Restoring the Glass Steagall law would give humanity a chance to recover itself, and live. The debate over restoring the Glass Steagall law, is fundamentally a debate over whether private monetarism has the right to steal from society, or whether the government has the right to block the private right to steal. On the outcome depends the future existence of humanity. However, unseen, at the very core lies the deep fear at the heart of oligarchy of the power of human development that the oligarchic system cannot withstand. This fear, fostering a false sense of humanity in society, is reflected in the depopulation policies, nuclear war programs, economic collapse orchestration, and the science-devolution to block the recognition of the ice age dynamics.

The bottom line is that the entire modern crisis in its multifaceted form is essentially a construct built on a cultivated false sense of the nature of man, which is fundamentally a spiritual issue. The articles presented here reflect this issue to some degree, though the modern effects are not easily traced to the underlying cause, which should therefore be kept in mind.


Exploration articles by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Restoring the Glass Steagall law

The Glass–Steagall provisions of the U.S. Banking Act of 1933 required the complete separating of commercial and investment banking. The official goal at the heart of empire is to reduce the current world population of seven billion people to about one billion or less. The ongoing economic collapse can achieve this objective.

The Economic Meltdown Before the Ice Age

The Ice Age transition cannot be stopped. Humanity is gravely endangered by it for reasons that the current financial and economic meltdown renders humanity impotent to respond to the astrophysical challenge.

Game of Empire: The 'Nuclear' Meltdown of Civilization

The empire game, where nothing is protected, is such that when a depositor brings financial assets to a bank for deposit, the bank is allowed to treat them as if they were a donation.

Humanity is the highest form of life on our planet, with a creative spirit and productive capacity that mirrors the divine, but in comparison with money the human being is deemed to have no value. It appears that herein lies the key to the entire banking collapse process, because without humanity recognizing itself as the only critical factor of value, it places value where none exists.

Where Once Was Love, Love Can be Again -end the bail-in

The fast unfolding worldwide financial meltdown and the subsequent collapse of civilization is not rooted in anything that is beautiful, human, and aglow with the generosity of love. The meltdown is fascist in nature and has fascist roots and intentions. 

Heal the Sick

In today's world the 'leprosy' has a more ugly face. This face is universal fascism, politely named monetarism. Its deity is terror, property, thievery, poverty, starvation, death. That's the face of the god of money.

The god of money is the opposite of the God of Love. The god of money is an executioner. Every war in history was fought in its name, with the dead counted in the hundreds of millions.




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