Energy and water emergencies are artificial -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Freshwater Unlimited
Energy Forever

New evidence unfolds new perceptions - videos


Water Crisis: Healing the Colorado River

Making the Colorado River independent of the drought.

California Drought - Science & Technologies

A drought with Freshwater Abundance:


LPAC New Paradigm for Mankind (6/24/15)

Freshwater Unlimited

In an Ice Age with a 70% weaker Sun, our conventional water resources will vanish. That's not a problem. 

Supplemental: Big Bang #5

Drought crises and water emergencies are artificial. They result from failures to respond to the known conditions that the unfolding Ice Age transition would impose. Until the failures are corrected, the crises and emergencies are bound to become increasingly severe, such as the California water crisis.


Energy Forever

The energy streams that power the Sun are also available to be utilized on Earth. They are anti-entropic. While oil, gas, coal, and nuclear energy resources becoming fast depleted, cosmic electric energy, which cannot be depleted, offers us an endlessly sustainable future with constant development.

Supplemental: Big Bang #1

Cold Nuclear Fusion Powers the Sun

The critical key issue for nuclear power production on Earth and for protecting humanity from the coming Ice Age in potentially 30 years. 

Electric Planets, Sun, and Sunspots

The observed effects of planetary alignment on sunspot intensity proves our Sun to be electrically powered.


Electric Earth, Electric Mars

We tend to vastly underestimate the power of high-density electric currents in plasma is space. Being 100,000 times smaller than a atom, plasma gets into everything and causes electric stress factoring. It carved the Grand Canyon, and the larger canyons on Mars, illustrating the power of cosmic electric currents.

Electric energy is the natural and infinite energy resources in the universe. It powers every sun, every star, every galaxy. Some day it will power the human economies too, hopefully before we deplete the world's gas, oil, coal, and nuclear energy fuels within the next decades and centuries.


The Economic Miracle



Gate Crasher and Constitution

One Principle, One Universe, Many Expressions 

In the context of supplying water and energy for the next Ice Age, great challenges lay before us, but they also open a door to near infinite recourses in energy, materials, food, and supplies, without which, our civilization would not long survive, but which, when the challenges are met, promise great prosperity and the richest world of all times with an endless future. With boundless energy and water resources, humanity has a foundation for long-term survival that it otherwise would not have. This makes the electric Sun, and with it the coming Ice Age that brings the electric Sun to the foreground, existentially critical, and thus a priority item in the present. But will we develop the economics to get the job done?



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