California Water Crisis -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Freshwater and Technologies

Drought with Abundance 


The water crisis is man-made, by not applying the technologies that would prevent the water shortage. The drought is natural. It is a fringe effect of the ongoing Ice Age transition. We suffer from the drought by closing our eyes, mind, and heart to the rich potential we have to prevent the consequences as we manage the resources with technologies that we have amply on hand.

The video explores the water cycle, cloud ionization (artificial and solar),  large-scale water diversion, a world-water network, and deep-ocean reverse-osmosis desalination to manufacture our own freshwater, and to uplift the global atmosphere out of its CO2-deficient state that promises a biological crisis in the coming Ice Age World in 30 years, if it is allowed to remain as deficient as it is, and diminishes further.

Whether we will meet the challenge depends on how much value we place on the powers of our humanity, such as Life, Truth, and Love, or whether we fall at the alter of empire, and its fascism of depopulation, lies, and war.


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