California Water Crisis -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Healing the Colorado River

A Case of Independence 


The Colorado River is a river of the desert, flowing through a desert. It is also one of the most extensively managed rivers in the world. 40 million people depend on the river's water. But it too, even as a river of the desert, is now affected by the drought. With so many people dependent on the river, the river must be healed of the drought to avoid a social catastrophe. But where do we draw the water from to turn a high elevation desert into a productive, lush, water-rich resource for human living that we can depend on under a wide range of climate conditions.

The video explores the principle of independence that is an inherent factor in the nature of humanity, which renders climate independence a scientific and technological quality of human society as the tallest gem of life on earth.

America has pioneered the principle of independence. It is a part of American history. On this basis it is just a small step up for a man to achieve scientific and technological independence from the effects of changing climate conditions. By understanding the nature and dynamics that affect our climate, a great potential unfolds before us to shift the prevailing boundary conditions in our favour with technological means, and thereby manage the forming of raindrops. 

Johannes Kepler would urge us into this direction if he lived today, and Shakespeare would strongly urge us to get on with it, and not compromise by accepting anything less.


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