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How do we see the Sun when it stands high and illumines our world? Do we see the truth? Or do we see its face as the fog-shrouded composite image of numerous fairy tales.

Grand fairytales about the Sun are taught in nearly all the schools. Students are even graded on their personal efficiency in learning the fairytales. But do the students in the end, know anything that is intrinsically true about the Sun, or resembles the truth even remotely? This video is designed to help reverse the trend. 

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The greatest danger of the false theory about the Sun is that it blocks the recognition of the presently unfolding solar dynamics in which we can see the start of the next Ice Age occurring in potentially the 2050s timeframe, with the Sun going inactive at this time. 

Our hope, therefore, literally rests in the fundamental nature of our humanity that includes a profound love for the truth.

In this context, the recognition of the great Ice Age Challenge before us, which depends on a truthful recognition of the nature of our Sun, is of critical importance for the healing of society of its faith in numerous major devastating false theories in the political world that are destroying our precious humanity and civilization. These false theories are called, monetarism, war and nuclear war, environmental fascism, and depopulation. None of these theories stand on a single element of truth. Nor will these theories be overturned by technical adjustments in the form of laws. The games of adjustment of the theories, do not eradicate the lack of truth in these theories, but hide the lack thereof.

But, with the power of the mind, which is inherent in us as human beings, we have the means at hand to lift ourselves above the fog of faith in fairytales and reorient the world onto the path of universal freedom in a renaissance of the truth. Why should we not be able to do this 'small' thing? Seeing the truth with the mind is native to our humanity. When a slave boy can understand absolute truth, as in Plato's story of the Meno dialog, then, obviously, so can we all.

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