The critical need for understanding the universe as an electric system

Why is it important to understand the universe

as an electrically interconnected system?

It is so, because mechanistic laws do not apply




Under mechanistic laws, such as are expressed in the Milankovitch Cycles that compute variations of the sunlight received on Earth as the result of orbital cycles of the Earth in respect to the Sun, we should be in a fully blown Ice Age glaciation climate right now and should have been for a thousand years. The computed measure of sunlight received is presently lower than it has been for the bulk of the last glaciation period.

This means the Ice Age dynamics are electric in nature -no mechanistic laws govern them!

Our understanding of the universe as an electrically operating system is critical, because it opens up the recognition or precursors, which unfortunately tell us that the next glaciation cycle is much closer than the mechanistic considerations had once predicted, which are evidently secondary in nature, rather tan primary. When an interglacial period begins 10,000 years prior to the computed cause, as they do in several cases above, something is wrong with the systemic perception. Based on mechanistic predictions, the LaRouche organization point out that it is utterly foolish to concern oneself with preparations for the coming Ice Age transition back to glaciation, when the transition is still a thousand years away.

However, when one considers the electrodynamic causes for the Ice Age cycles it becomes apparent that the transition to the next glaciation may be as near as 50 to 150 years, or that it might have already begun. This difference makes a huge difference to humanity, because the Ice Age climate change is so immense that agriculture would become quickly disabled over large areas simultaneously, down to the 40 degree latitude. The preparations are enormous that are required in terms of new agriculture that must be developed in areas that are out of reach to the cold of the glaciation climate. If these preparations that are made in a timely manner, or not at all, a large portion of humanity will necessarily perish for the lack of food.

Right no, preparations are being made, or even considered because the mechanistic perception of the ice age dynamics still rule the thinking of society and its policies, such as LaRouche's thinking that we have still a thousand years left in the current interglacial, which blocks the needed development effort. But can we afford to gamble with possibly the very existence of humanity, on the basis of mechanistic predictions that historically have been wrong by large margins?

With all this considered, the difference between recognizing the universe as an electric system, which affects our solar system directly, and keeping on dreaming the mechanistic dream, is far more than just a scientific difference between two theories, but has become a life or death issue for much of humanity, if not the whole of it.


This is what the video is about:

 Ice Age Climate Change Precursors
vs. Global Warming Carbon Politics 


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