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A science built on the foundation laid by Christ Jesus, to restore the lost element of Christ healing. In the years of its founding from 1866 to December 1910, the world enjoyed the greatest period of peace, and prosperity in several hundred years.


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A series of videos to explore the rarely known and largely denied aspects of Christian Science

The Lord's Prayer, infinite marriage, from sense to soul

Christian Science hold a unique place in history. The 44 years between Mary Baker Eddy's discovery of Christian Science, in which she developed over 400 editions of her textbook on Christian Science - Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures - till she laid the pen down in 1910, was a unique period of peace, humanity, and prosperity in the world, the greatest such periods in several hundreds of years. 


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14 novels by Rolf A. F. Witzsche on the Principle of Universal Love, and 12 research books, many specifically exploring generally unknowns aspects of Christian Science - free on-line.

The Alternate Jesus

A major series of video explorations to unmask the real Jesus from the fog of historic fiction. 

The exploration is critical. The Church of Christ Scientist is designed commemorate Christ Jesus and restore the lost element of scientific Christian healing.

After Mary Baker Eddy's death all hell broke loose again, giving rise to economic collapse that is still ongoing; the scourge of two world wars, followed by the Cold War of nuclear terror, and evermore terror that has not yet ended. To what degree Mary Baker Eddy's development of Christian Science and its healing effect around the world had become reflected in the 44 years of peace that the world experienced is unknown, and may never be known.

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