In Mother's Academy part 2: The Christly Biblical Adam - video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


In Mother's Christian Science Academy the Christly nature of the biblical Adam comes to light when seen in the context of divine reality. When seen form this standpoint the Adam allegory in the Bible, has been highly underrated. If one looks closely, it comes to light as one of the most-deeply engineered stories in the Bible. It unfolds at numerous different levels. Most of the levels have been lost sight off over the years. 

At the surface, the Adam and Eve allegory presents itself as a creation myth produced in distant time that ends in a grand disaster, which is a paradox that defies the concept of a divine, universal God.

About 2,500 years ago, an accomplished Greek poet of the literary art of tragedy appears to have attempted to resolve the paradox. He appears to have re-written the Adam story. He raised the torch of liberty, and in a drama, raised a tragedy with it. The play writer of antiquity had made a three-part play out of it. "Prometheus Bound."

In modern time, Mary Baker Eddy raised the level of spiritual perception still higher, with amazing implications, 

 run time 77 min

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