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discovering the 'freedom seal'  - the 5-fold divine


You are the woman. You are also the man. As the woman, you are humanity. As the man, you are the image of divine Spirit; the perfect man; the divine man; the idea of God; the pinnacle of creation; the tallest expression of life on the planet; the real you; though yet barely discovered.

The gap between the two separates you from what you perceive yourself to be. It separates you from the God crowned model of humanity. The gap doesn't change reality, but it determines your experience of it. It is a gap in perception only, because in the divine Universe, Principle and its idea is one. 

Your goal is to discover yourself in this undivided singularity, and thereby raise yourself up to become what is already real about the nature of our universal divine humanity.

The video explores the first of the four unique development periods in Christian Science, from its beginning in 1866 with the discovery of it by Mary Baker Eddy in the course and a near-miraculous healing to the establishment as a Science with nearly all aspects in place in 1881, which she acknowledged with the design of a great seal that she placed on the cover of her textbook on Christian Science till 1908. The video explores the metaphors in the seal that represent the key elements of what she has established to develop her discovery with, and their relationship to the modern seal that was put in place in 1908 after a massive legal attack on her with the historic "Next Friend's Suit."

 run time 63 min

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