Mother's Academy part 3: Adulterous Adultery - video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


The story of Jesus defending the adulterous woman evidently went against the grain of the theology of a disconnected humanity. He may have said to the accusers, "if you condemn universal love, you condemn God, because Love is reflected in love universally. The childish game that you play is your own undoing. So wake up, people, you are not babies anymore.  Act like adults, like adults in Spirit. Find your adulthood through the portal of your soul that is your link to the divine Soul."

The video explores the second and third period of the development of Christian Science by Mary Baker Eddy, which may be termed the periods of adulthood and exuberance. Our challenge is, to hold on to what has been achieved and to move forward with it. This is especially critical with the return of the Ice Age before us in potentially 30 years, for which a highly developed civilization is required to create the infrastructures for it. The role of Christian Science and its development in civilization is critical in this context for the continued future of humanity. 

 run time 72 min

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