Reprint by  Rolf A. F. Witzsche, of the 1st Edition of the textbook of Christian Science, by Mary Baker Eddy

Science and Health 1875

The historic 1st Edition



A reprint of the historic 1st Edition of the book, Science and Health
that over the course of more than 400 editions has uplifted the word.

Today in the year 2016 - the 150the anniversary year of the discovery of Christian Science in 1866 - it becomes appropriate to look back in time to the revolutionary change in the perception of God and man with which the great uplift began that history tells us coincides with the greatest period of peace in the world. It took Mary Baker Eddy (named Mary Baker Glover at the time) a full nine years of scientific spiritual development until she was ready to publish the first edition of a comprehensive textbook of the science that she had discovered, which is presented in this book.

While the book was constantly upgraded in the course of more than 400 editions, since the its first publication in 1875, the revolutionary spirit that shines through its pages from the very beginning is still valid today, and valuable for inspiring healing effects as it did from its first day on.
I am republishing the historic text to enable a fuller appreciation of the depth of her work from the beginning, and the great amount of work by Mary Baker Eddy that preceded the final edition of the book in 1910, which adds up to a labor of love spanning 35 Years. This reprint of the 1st Edition has all of Mary Baker Eddy’s errata applied, instead of merely appended.

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Science and Health 1875

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Earlier editions by Mary Baker Eddy (the class books: Science of Man 1876 - 1883) (Science and Health Third Edition 1881) (Science and Health Fiftieth Edition 1891)


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