Illustrated Science- to illustrate the incorporeal sense of God in Christian Science, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Morning Prayer Hymns

Illustrated Science
poems from old hymns scientifically enriched


From an Anthropomorphic sense of God to the Deific Presence

 Hymns are poems about God, of such great significance that they tend to become sung for the splendor of the vistas they convey, or the depth of the prayer that is invoked by them.

But what do the poems tell us? Do they inspire songs of such purity that they touch the infinite? Many do. Some come close.

Often familiar terms are used to glorify God, such as the terms Lord, Father, and Mother. While these terms should be seen by their spiritual signification, the spiritual significance is often overshadowed by the terminology that renders God with attributes that are inherent in the sphere of mortal-mind.

In historic times God was rendered with human attributes for the lack of scientifically-correct terms in general usage. But with the advent of Christian Science setting a higher-level scientific stage, it becomes possible to step away from anthropomorphic concepts of God to the higher-level deific presence on the lateral stage where God is All and reflected in all.

Mary Baker Eddy pioneered the method of substituting the anthropomorphic, or corporeal sense of God, with the deific, incorporeal, spiritual, or infinite, sense of God. She did this by placing the term “Love” in her rendering of the 23rd Psalm on the last page of the last chapter of her textbook on Christian Science, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. (p. 578) She thereby bids us to follow her example in all cases where a translation is required from the corporeal sense to the spiritual sense, in respect to Deity, and thereby in respect to man as a divine idea.

In this book based on old Christian Science Hymns (prior to 1932) the term “Lord” as has been appended with (Soul) adding the spiritual sense for the concept "Lord." Likewise has the term “Father” been appended with (Truth) – and  “Mother” with (Mind), “He” with (divine Love), “His” with (Love’s), and “Him” with (Love) in all cases where the terms appear.

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