Articles by Rolf Witzsche - Nov. 2011

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New Ice Age Ahead


Glacial Climate Normal Climate? 

Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance - DIAR - (Universal World Development - Dynamic Systemic Change - The Ice Age Challenge being met - The Reality of Humanity unfolding before us)

Can One be Certain About the Timing of the Near Ice Age?

NAWAPA - the New American Water Agriculture and Power Alliance

The Challenge of Leadership - 14 Dimensions - (in the context of 14 novels)

The Dynamic Lord's Prayer

The Wrong NAWAPA based on apocalyptic mass-extinction cycles
The Unauthorized Solar System - Electric Astrophysics
(updated Oct. 22, 2011)

The Electric Galaxy - Dynamics and Apocalyptic Mysticism 

The Amazing Electric Universe (Updated Sept. 25 - 2011)

The Unauthorized Hurricane

The ONLY dangerous effect on humanity of the Carrying Capacity Doctrine

Supplemental presentations 

The Critical Challenge before Humanity to recognize and acknowledge its inherent Anti-Entropy

Electrically Interconnected Stars and Galaxies

The critical need for understanding the universe as an electric system

Mars Retrograde

The dangerous folly of the Carrying Capacity Doctrine

Freeing science and Glass Steagall

Here the non-truth of Global Warming begins

The worldwide opposition movement in the scientific community

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