Freeing science from its trap in entropy

The Critical Challenge before Humanity
to recognize and acknowledge
its inherent Anti-Entropy


Mathematically infinity is an enigma as it poses a problem for which no solution exists, because the concept of infinfity defies mechanistic comprehension that mathematics deals with. However, infinity can be comprehended as a principle. Look at it in the context of the concept of entropy. There are three states possible of it, and are recognizable in the universe being physically expressed. 

The first state is plain entropy as defined by the second law of thermodynamics where everything is winding down towards an energy depleted state, like the winding down of a clock. This is the only accepted authorized world view, but does not define the nature of man, civilization, nor the universe. 

The second state is none entropy, an energetic state where nothing is winding down. The atomic structure is an example. It is dynamic, immensely energetic, and is never winding down. This doesn't define humanity either, because human existence and civilization isn't a steady state existence or equilibrium. From the very start humanity has been progressively developing. 

The third state is anti-entropy, a system that not only maintains itself, but becomes progressively more energetic. The universe is anti-entropic. It is constantly expanding and developing, powered by the electric force that no one knows the origin of, but is recognized as principle. Life is like that. Humanity is like that. We may call the principle God. Mary Baker Eddy does so.

We don't plead with this Principle, but we express it evermore. In the process we find infinity expressed in a comprehensible manner. Mathematics doesn't reach that far. 

This failure in comprehension is a part of the reason why civilization is presently breaking down. The green movement is insisting that humanity and the world are entropic and winding down towards an energy zero state of total depletion. This isn't the truth. It is an ancient political trick of the masters of empire to get humanity to deny its very nature as an anti-entropic species, for the purposes of preying on society, looting it, and keeping it impotent and docile. 

Mary Baker Eddy did the opposite. She put Principle at the heart of humanity, thereby removing all boundaries and limits. The resulting expression has brought about great wonders in terms of physical healing that should not be possible on the authorized platform of entropy, but is supremely natural on the unauthorized platform of anti-entropy. The implementation of this dynamic process, of course, does not lend itself to a formalistic approach. God cannot be mathematically defined, and neither can the human being be so defined, nor the human civilization. History is proof of that. 

We, humanity, emerged from the last Ice Age with a 1-10 million world population. That's all the natural world could support in a primitive state. But humanity is anti-entropic. We are discoverers and creators and producers. We created agriculture, progressive energy systems from wood, to coal, to gas and oil, to nuclear energy, with cosmic energy utilization being potentially possible. We have become a population of 6.9 billion, that should never have been possible, and wouldn't have been without our self-development expressed in progressive energy development. We stood on the moon. We have explored the universe from the vantage point of space. And even we have done this, we have barely begun. 

We are now at a stage where we are about to make cosmic history as a species that has developed the technologies, energy resources, and material resources to meet the Ice Age Challenge that stands on the near horizon. 

For the last 2 million years the repeated Ice Age cycles have beat the human presence back to small populations, together with the natural species. We are the last of 8 human species, and the only one that has not become extinct by the great challenges against it. Now, we have the capacity to snub the Ice Age cycles by relocating all of our agriculture out of the northern region south to the 40 degree latitude that was the permafrost line during the last 90,000-year glaciation cycle. We have all resources at hand to meet the Ice Age Challenge and win. Only one factor remains to be developed, the lack of which prevents us from utilizing the resources at hand. 

The critical factor is the commitment to entropy that has been imposed on society in its predator/prey relationship with its oligarchy that also affects humanity's science on all fronts. This authorized trap is the hardest to break out of. Even the most pioneering institutions, and political pioneers who speak the words of anti-entropy, remain largely trapped in the entropy of authorized science that limits the perception to little more than myths. 

Nothing is more critical in the current age than the recognition of the anti-entropic nature of humanity. All scientific development and the resulting development of civilization depends on our breakout from this trap. While the trap is politically imposed, the breakout from it must be powered from a higher level. It cannot be powered with the resources of the low-level entropic platform that created the trap, and on which it is being tenaciously maintained. 

Whoever is engaged in scientific development needs to focus on breaking out from the authorized level where entrapment is actually the political goal that is deviously achieved by trickery and mythology. The higher level is defined by the Principle of anti-entropy. Mary Baker Eddy pioneered this breakout by adding a few correlative terms, Spirit, Mind, Life, Love, Truth, Soul, which likewise cannot be mathematically defined. She presented the challenge for humanity to recognize itself expressed in these mathematically indefinable terms. 

The unfolding of anti-entropy won't likely result from the mass-effect of a mass movement, though a pioneering effort on this front would be welcome and would have immediate liberating effects. The mass concept is inherently a dictatorial concept. The real development progression comes from the heart. There, no real mass exists, to advance or to hinder. Our humanity gives us the power to move in leaps and bounds without inertia holding us back, because anti-entropy is our nature which is currently merely throttled to a crawl by the limits we place on ourselves. 

The first novel I ever wrote was in an attempt to illustrate the principle of anti-entropy by giving it a physical face as a parable. The novel is, Flight without Limits. It addresses some of the parameters of anti-entropy, and its challenges. Works like these won't likely be published in the commercial mainstream, as the very attempt to break the authorized trap finds little resonance in society that seeks entertainment within the trap. This will change one day. For this reason I remain self-published and give my work away for free. Civilization isn't a profit engine. It is far too precious for that. If the result of the publishing on these terms doesn't justify the effort, then it is not worth to publish anything. 

I currently maintain the (c) symbol on my novels to enable me to upgrade them without causing injury to others who may otherwise invest in what might be an incomplete work. In any other context I consider the copyright restrictions as anti-civilizational in effect. 

My second novel, Brighter than the Sun, was an attempt to show the danger to a society that is kept mentally regressive and thereby increasingly infantile. Nuclear War is a kind of terrorism, like the Global Warming terror of today, for which no solutions exist within the trap of authorized, entropic thinking. When the mind is confronted with a deep problem for which no solution is deemed possible, a regression begins to a more infantile state, such a cynicism, fear, indifference, and so forth, which open the door to irrational responses. On this path huge tragedies result with great trials and suffering, which by themselves do not solve the underlying problem. Progress must have an anti-entropic foundation. 

My third attempt in exploring the anti-entropic human dimension that defies all mathematical reasoning, became a series of 12 novels, The Lodging for the Rose. It deals with the entropy of social and sexual division and its isolating boundaries that like an iron curtain keep society confined. The development of civilization depends on an ever-greater unfolding of the cooperative unity of mankind for the universal development of humanity. On this front religion has set up iron-clad barriers of entropy that has kept society confined, isolated, and compliant to control, initiated by the ancient trick of imposed self-control. 

This element of imposed entropy is still one of the critical barriers in science. It is a barrier of imposed self-control under the weight of doctrines that are rarely recognized as a trap. The imposed self-control is so subliminal that it is generally not recognized and is therefore the most difficult aspect of entropy to deal with. I devoted 12 novels to the subject for this reason. When seen from this background the novels make sense, but not otherwise. The difficulty here is that the recognition of the barrier cannot be imposed dictatorially, but must come from the individual's recognition of the anti-entropy of humanity that is native in every human heart. 

This places a great challenge before the writer. The series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, is somewhat in the nature of a classical tragedy, but on a higher level where a breakout to the sublime is more easily possible. It took me 20 years to write the series, and it may take many more years for its development effect to become realized. 

There are no snap solutions possible in the scientific development of civilization. No magic formula replaces scientific honesty in the discovering of ourselves as human beings and the power and freedom we gain on this road of self-development. 

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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