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Which view is the divinely natural? Which perception honours God the fullest? Has religion been built around a distorted concept of God? Our civilization and our future hang in the balance with how we answer this question and search for the truth, develop it, live it, heal our civilization with it, and how we thereby prepare our world for the  coming Ice Age that may be upon us in 30 years.

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 Triply Divine Man (prelude)

As Plato hinted, every human being is triply divine. This is the core of the spiritual history of humanity, its science and it healing. On this road we face aggressive mental suggestions, impositions, and denial from the Aristotelian camp. 

1 - Healing History

No man has had a greater impact on civilization than the man Christ Jesus, called the Redeemer. Rome had executed the man, and rewritten his history two centuries later as its gospels.  How much has been lost along the way? Can we discover what his story may have been? Civilization rides on the answer.

2 - Enthusiastic Exuberance

Was his conception a miracle of God or the result of universal love in the sacrament of soul? Conception without penetration is well within the range of the possible in a process that renders Jesus the child of our humanity, and like everyone else, also the child of God.

3a - Spiritual Academy

Was Jesus a lone pioneer or living at the center of a highly advanced group of scientific thinkers? What did he learn in 30 of travel, coming in contact with ancient cultures of scientific background, spiritual wisdom, and healing powers? Was he a God, or an accomplished scientific man at the leading edge?

3b - Model of Man (old version) 

Part 1 - Why Build a Model of Man?

Part 2 - Building The Great Model of God and Man

Part 3 - Christ Science

Part 4 - The Healing of the Biblical Adam and Eve

Part 5 - Christ and the Cradle Songs

3c - Trapped Children

Children are trapped in many ways, like with the circumcision that amputates a critical part for life. Jesus may have been trapped into having to play the role of the personal son of God, for his healing power.

4 - Crucifixion and Completion

Was the crucifixion stage managed in a manner he survived, to return to Kashmir? Has his "ascension" an event, or a lifelong process? Whatever the answer may be, his work was complete. He laid down a foundation on which humanity can build to create its own freedom.

5 - Books of Ancient Wisdom

What wisdom can we gain from ancient cultures with histories leading back into the last Ice Age, who survived under harsh environments? What wisdom did they bring with them? From what has been discovered, strong similarities exist between Jesus' sayings and ancient ideologies.

6 - The Academy Continues

All of the great cultures and religions have kernels of truth in them, to which Christ Jesus contributed strongly, which are also still being advanced in the leading edge Christianity as Christian Scientists.


What is Man that God should be his likeness?

A spiritual exploration of the One that is God and humanity as the Sons of God



 The Lord's Prayer (prelude)

The leading-edge prayer of the ages (Christ Jesus)
Combined with leading spiritual science (Mary Baker Eddy)
With music from modern leading culture (China)
For the freedom of humanity in the near Ice Age World




"The Alternate Jesus" is a video exploration series. designed to uncover what appears to have been lost in centuries of efforts to hide the truth. In the above scene from the fresco, The School of Athens, at the Vatican, by Raffaello Sanzio in 1511, we see Plato and Socrates at the center. Plato is pointing upwards as if to raise that status of man. Aristotle in contrast is gesturing downward, suggesting that humanity is to be kept down. 

Aristotle laid the foundation for the oligarchic system to thrive on, which became the Aristocracy, or the Aristotelian society, the system of slavery, poverty, and war that is still destroying civilization. 

Jesus worked to rescue humanity from this trap. In the manner of Plato, he pointed upwards. Some say that Plato was the precursor for Christianity. In real terms Jesus went far beyond what Plato could have even imagined, building his own advanced platform of science on the foundation of the tallest in spiritual history.

The contrast between the Christ and the Aristotelian masters of empire still stands today. It is extensively explored the video: The Triply Divine Man, which begins the process of lifting the fictions that have soiled the face of Jesus, and thereby man universally.

The scene as shown above renders evil coequal with good, which became the heart of the Roman church's ideology that sets up the devil or Lucifer as coequal in power with God, or greater in power as the Roman cross illustrates, with Jesus crucified on it.

 If we step beyond the religious fiction and search for the man Jesus who had pioneered and exemplified the Christ - the spiritual idea of God - who had touched the heart of our humanity and the foundation of our civilization, amazing vistas come into view that may yet enable us all to rouse ourselves to reach for our native freedoms in which wars and all the problems of the world will cease.

Supplemental video

A bridge to the modern world sets up an exploration of the principle of justice, in the form of exploring a car crash as a model for our crashing civilization:

Anatomy of a Car Crash: Love versus Dangers

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