The Alternate Jesus  

The Academy Continues

Kernels of spiritual truth pervade all the great religions. By them we are united rather than divided. Nevertheless the quest continues to advance the human understand of the truth. Enormous progress has been made along this path. Christ Jesus had paved a way that is till unfolding. It first unfolded as a the Islamic Golden Age, followed by the Golden Renaissance in Europe, which became a foundation that gave rise to the USA as a bastion of freedom from empire.

On this path, by searching for the scientific foundation of the Christ ideology, America became the staging ground for a new advancing platform for spiritual development that would bring Christ Jesus' healing works and examples back into the modern world in a practical, healing, and liberating manner. The breakthrough was wrought by Mary Baker Eddy, the renowned founder of Christian Science. Like Christ Jesus' work was in his time, Mary Baker Eddy's work was so far advanced in her time, that even now, a century later, only a small portion of it is being recognized and utilized.

It may well be that the immense challenge of the return of the Ice Age in potentially 30 years from now, will be met with the full utilization of what the most leading pioneers have accomplished. With this in mind, in spite of the current appearances, the horizon is bright.

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"The Alternate Jesus, part 6: The Academy Continues" Christ Jesus had opened the coffin of impotence and inspired a new concept of man with inherent freedoms and creative powers that gradually changed the world and is still changing it, with its most advanced aspect, Christian Science, still remaining in its infancy, though poised to develop humanity into a power to meet the Ice Age 30 years from now. 


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