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In order to understand the spiritual background that Jesus may have encountered during the thirty years of his development in Persia, India, and possibly China, we need to see most of the biblical stories not as historic accounts, but as remnants of ancient wisdom developed by cultures the predated the use of written languages by a long way.

In the stories, carried forward by word of mouth, perhaps in long hours of fireside discussions, the spiritual essence of what was held precious was kept alive, until the time came when the stories of wisdom were written down. In some cases the written stories where compositions in which the critical perceptions were illustrated. No doubt some stories contained pearls of wisdom that came out of the last Ice Age, and some of that was likely shaped by the political objective at the time the stories were composed. Thus it appears wise to consider the few traces of wisdom from the distant cultures that may still exist.

In this context the amazing accomplishments of the builders of the Giza pyramids in Egypt tell silent tales of an extremely advanced people in terms of scientific and technological powers, who have perished in this part of the world. In other parts of the world, in today's Mexico, as researchers believe, an early culture named the Toltec had existed that predates the Aztec, and may contain links in their ideology to spiritual knowledge that might have been rooted in Ice Age times, or at least 10,000 years in the past.

In a sample story from the discovered background of ancient wisdom an amazing similarity comes to light to the underlying self-perception that Jesus had developed and presented. This suggests that the healing divine Spirit that Jesus came in contact with and came to understand is build on a rich advanced background of prior achievements that enabled him to step past the worlds limitation of itself, to exemplify the eternal Christ that represents the underlying unity of God and man, which Jesus' name, and Christianity itself, became associated with. 

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"The Alternate Jesus, part 5: Books of Ancient Wisdom" Traces of amazing scientific and spiritual knowledge have been found in ancient cultures that came out of the last Ice Age that appear to have shaped the development of Jesus beyond the barriers of his time, to exemplify the Christ, the spiritual idea of God.


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