The Alternate Jesus  

Crucifixion and Completion

As a child Jesus would have been 'smuggled' out of Palestine by Mother's academy to escape the reach of Rome and those serving Rome. He would have come to Persia and later India and China where links to ancient cultures may have remained that came out of the last Ice Age. In this journey spanning 30 years, he would have developed the spiritual perception and power that would earn him the title, the Christ.

Once this development was complete he would have been encouraged to go back to Palestine and from there begin the healing of the world of the oligarchic system, represented by Rome and by the priesthood. He would have known that this would get him arrested in short order, and executed Roman style, on the cross. He might have also known that the crucifixion could be stage managed to be survivable. And he would definitely have known that in the few years he would have available to him in Palestine, would be sufficient to launch a sting deep into the heart of the oligarchic system that would free the world of its treason against God, as he would have seen it.

While Rome fell five centuries later, the freedom of the world from the oligarchic system and its endless wars and poverty, remains yet to be accomplished, including the freedom of society to prepare its world for the coming ice age in potentially 30 years from now.

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The Alternate Jesus, part 4: Crucifixion and Completion" The child Jesus escaped Rome, likely to Persia, India, and China, and 30 years later returned spiritually prepared as the Christ to uplift humanity to such divine self-perception that would bring freedom to the world from the systems of empire and oligarchy and their wars, poverty, and genocide, which remains yet to be fully accomplished.


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