The Alternate Jesus  

Trapped Children

Children routinely become trapped by their parents into a world without color by inflicting on them the circumcision tradition. In like manner do the children of our civilization become trapped into progressively limiting perceptions of themselves that are nearly as hard to break free from.

This third part continues the imaginary exploratory dialog between Christ Jesus' and Mary Magdalene, exploring the principles for healing tragic entrapments.

The video also presents a number of the modern correlative backgrounds for the spiritual concepts that are referred to in the dialogs, spanning historic discoveries and also tragic failures in civilization. 

 run time 57 min

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"The Alternate Jesus, part 3c: Trapped Children" The idea of God incarnate as Jesus is a trap as much as the circumcision is, potentially referred to in the Adam and Noah allegories. Modern similar traps rooted in the oligarchic system, are nuclear war, bio-fuels food burning, depopulation genocide, economic collapse, and scientific blindness to the Ice Age challenge.


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