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The video presentation is a dialog between Jesus and Mary Magdalene situated in the forest where no one can hear them, a wonderful world of colour and life that makes our trials and agonies appear rather small. 

But the subject is anything but small. It is focused on the circumcision, rape, injustice, murder, and the wide open healing dimension of an academy of explorers at the leading edge of the spiritual domain, headed by "Mother," the very type of academy in which Jesus most likely grew up. The subjects include adultery, Abraham, Jacob's sons, and aspects of the city foursquare presented by John in Revelation, and the development in Mother's academy of the seven 'names' for God that Mary Baker Eddy in the late 1800s had in their ultimate form referred to as synonyms for God.

 run time 33 min

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"The Alternate Jesus, part 3a: Spiritual Academy" is a video exploration that goes beyond the common perception of sex, adultery, rape, the circumcision, all standing in contrast with a high-level scientific perception of God and man and the unifying relationship that render them as one.


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