The Alternate Jesus  

Enthusiastic Exuberance

Is a Superstar with a super-entrance needed, who would show humanity what humanity is not naturally capable of, but requires divine intervention for?

The assumed exception, a God incarnate in human form, would render humanity - the tallest of creation - inferior and impotent. One can hardly call this type of outcome the result of divine wisdom. 

Nevertheless, the highest unfolding on earth of the perfect man - an exemplar who would demonstrate to humanity what every human being inherently is, as a divine idea, and is naturally capable of, would likely have been born in an exceptional environment. In the divine universe, this exceptional environment would have been rich with the richest expression of universal love that can be achieved humanly, in which divine Love is reflected to the fullest in universal loving. 

A person, naturally born in this type of environment, would be more conditioned from the ground up to exemplify humanity's universal birth-principle, the birth-principle that he grew up with, to the fullest, which is the principle of universal love - and thus be able to express this principle in universal healing and in uplifting humanity, overruling all small-minded notions about God and the people themselves.

Is it possible that this type of conception could have occurred within the natural human corporeal context, without miracles intervening? 

Yes, it is possible. No miracle is required for a human, sexual, virgin conception to be happening. It would be a sexual case of sacrament with the divine Soul unfolding in life in Soul-filled celebration of an element of God's perfect reflection in man and the universe. Sexual conception is a perfect divine process that we marvel at, but are far from comprehending.

When humanity fails to acknowledge its natural divine status, and becomes isolated from God, love collapses into rape, war, murder, genocide, and ultimately, extinction. Against this train of horrors stands the forever developing Principle of Universal Love that Christ Jesus had represented in all things, especially in his birth. 

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The video presentation, "The Alternate Jesus, part 2: Enthusiastic Exuberance" explores some immensely challenging moral, and spiritual issues by shifting Jesus' virgin-conception from a divine incarnation into the human sexual domain for which no miracle is needed other than the miracle of universal love and the senses of the soul.

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