Triply Divine Man 

Man is triply divine

 In the above scene of Rafael's fresco, The School of Athens, at the Vatican, created in 1511, we see Plato and Aristotle at the center. Plato is pointing upwards. His work was to raise that status of man. Aristotle is gesturing downward, suggesting that humanity is to be kept down in order to protect the oligarchic system. 

With this cultural shock Aristotle laid the foundation for the dark ages in Europe  under the thumb of a private oligarchic system of empire that is still wrecking the world. The modern Aristotelians idealize the system of slavery, poverty, and war. These are presently on the fast track of destroying civilization. 

Jesus appears to have worked to rescue humanity from the Aristotelian-type trap. Consequently he was killed and his history was re-written. In the manner of Plato, Jesus pointed upwards. Some say that Plato was the precursor for Christianity. In real terms Jesus went far beyond what Plato could have even imagined, building his own advanced platform of science on the foundation of the tallest achievements in the spiritual history of mankind.

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The focus in the video is on raising the status of man, and stepping back from what has destroyed it.  A brief example is found in the metaphor that Jesus had utilized, that is still of critical importance to us all. 

When Jesus was asked if it is right to pay taxes to Rome, he answered, "render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's" - which is to say, render to Caesar what is of no real value in civilization - let go of the monetarist system and render to God the value that is real, whose image, is your image. Under this uplifted value system the current crashing of civilization could have been avoided and might yet be stopped..

Today's 'worldwide' fight the restore the repealed Glass-Steagall law in the USA, is an example of what Jesus had illustrated in spiritual metaphors. The fight over the Glass-Steagall law is essentially a fight throughout the world over "the private right to steal," versus, the right of government to block "the private right to steal." With the repeal of the protective Glass Steagall law, "the private right to steal" has been enthroned. 

But this is fundamentally not a technical and legal issue, is it? It is a critical human-value issue. It is an issue of false values, versus human values, which are inherently spiritual values. 

Since the protective Glass-Steagall law has been repealed in the USA, and the Aristotelians had been given free reign, the world financial and economic value system has collapsed.  It has collapsed so deeply that governments were coerced to shell out upwards to fifty trillion dollars in bailout funds to keep the thievery system afloat, which is a process that is all by itself collapsing civilization. Nothing short of the renewal of the human-value focus in society will have the power to re-establish the protecting law and whatever is of value in civilization. This is critical for the continued existence of civilization.


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In the scientific context:
the term "Christianity" is synonymous with the term "Humanity";
the term "Christ Jesus" with the term, "Man"; 
and term "Christian Science," with the term "Divine Science."



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