The dimension of Principle (part 1)


Experiencing the freedom,
 and the power of timeless principle

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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Principle is: 
What no man has created
What discovery reveals
What experience demonstrates
What gives wings to freedom


Is the standard of economic principle, as expressed in the Universe, is expressed in a 100,000-fold gain?

Principle is Power

Mankind is self-conscious in being conscious of the principle of the Universe. 

Those are big words, but are they true? The Master of Christianity is reported to have said: "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." And what is this truth? Indeed, what would it be, but an awareness of the operation of universal principles; the principles that exist; the principles of the Universe; the principles that are reflected in it? 

It is a failure in language to speak of such a thing as a principle of monetarism; or a principle of empire; or a principle of evil; or a principle of entropy. Such notions exist only in false imagination, because one finds no reflection of these imagined principles in the operation of the Universe. None! No facet of the Universe is self-defeating, contrary to itself, and self-collapsing by design. This does not mean that one cannot recognize the existence of advancing orders of principles, but does mean that all principles have a common characteristic: They are harmonizing and constructive, and are essential factors towards a greater purpose.

An example can be found in the physical force of mass, and gravity. According to the most advanced perception in nuclear physics the gravitational hold that the Sun has on a planet, especially on a distant one like Pluto across 7 billion kilometers. This far reaching hold should not exists. There is no physical cause known that causes masses of particles to attract each other - that makes an apple fall onto the ground. Still the apple does fall. Nor can any shielding be created that prevents this all-pervading attraction. It just happens. Nothing can prevent it. It evidently exists, because without it the Universe would not exist. It exists as a force of Principle, a outcome of Intention. And again, the intention is a harmonizing one. The principles of the Universe do not act contrary to each other, but cooperate in a manner that enables the Universe to exist. If a single principle would cease to function, the Universe would cease to be.

We utilize discovered principles in essentially the same manner. We recognize a principle's potential, and then employ the potential towards a specific, desired end. This capability gives us the power to achieve great things. By means of making successive discoveries of how the universe works, we gain progressively greater powers to exercise our intention for causing our world to change. These successive discoveries provide us progressive powers. These in turn match out development needs.

For example our progressive discoveries of principles for energy production -- from wood; to coal; to oil; to nuclear fission; to utilizing the electric power that powers the Sun -- offer us successive capabilities for achieving ever-greater power densities. However, each stage along this chain represents the discovery of a higher-order principle, which in turn represents a higher-order effort in making the discoveries and creating the technologies for utilizing the discovered principles. For each successive stage, also higher orders of development in society are needed, both qualitatively and numerically. This is primarily the reason why the technological capability for last two stages, from nuclear fission, to nuclear fusion, and to the tapping into the electric power-flows that power the Sun, have not yet been achieved. We are still on the road of discovering the utilization of the higher-order principles that we know to exist.

The progression to ever-higher-order principles

It is evident in almost everything that has to do with civilization.

Take transportation for example. We face the same line of development there -- from horse drawn buggies; to the railway trains; to automobiles; to airplanes; to rocket space ships to the moon (Apollo project); to mag-lev trains; to building a moon base; and to building a transpiration system to the planets; and ultimately a systems for traveling to the stars -- which offer us at each single stage successively greater capabilities.


The nature of development is that we cannot stop along the way. If we stop, we die. If life is stopped, death follows. We see the tragedy of a halted progression evident in our food supply, in agriculture for example. The normal progression is -- from hand-powered agriculture with virtually no irrigation and no fertilization; to animal-powered agriculture with some primitive fertilization; to advanced mechanized agriculture with powered irrigation and scientific seed-development -- which offer us vastly greater yields at every stage. Unfortunately for a billion of the world's 1.4 billion farmers, development was stopped at the first stage by the cold hand of poverty, with the result of large scale starvation. The first stage of agriculture rarely exceeds 10 quintals of products per acre and per farmer. For the second stage the yield goes up dramatically, up to 50-fold per farmer. For the third stage the yield is 2,000 times greater per farmer. But we can't stop there either. With the next Ice Age approaching in which outdoor agriculture ends, we need to develop the capability for indoor agriculture with scientifically optimized environments and automated processing, yields may be achieved that are a hundred times greater than the best of today, If we stop along the way, civilization ends, and much of mankind with it. In order to assure that this doesn't happen, a corresponding human development needs to be achieved.

Human development starts with the development of efficient housing. The mental development of society is blocked when adequate housing is not achieved. With society being its own greatest asset, the protection and development of this asset had got to be the first priority. The development of high quality housing has got to be a key factor at the starting gate. An enormous waste of mankind's greatest resource is tolerated when society tolerates homelessness; subsistence living; slum living; crowded living; or expensive living that enslaves people and leaves no room for mental, cultural, and family development. To meet this need, higher order principles for housing construction must be utilized, and the needed technologies for them be developed. This means efficient, automated, power-intensive housing production on a large-scale industrial production basis, possibly utilizing molten basalt for injection into molds that yield complete subassemblies in a single step, and at a price so low that they can be given away as an investment by society into itself. The same applies to healthcare, education, and basic transportation. The materials that are needed already exist.  Basalt for example, for the automated manufacturing of free housing already exists process-ready on the ground in infinite quantities.

The economics of natural Principle

Sure, I can hear the cries already that free universal high-quality housing cannot be achieved. The excuses are endless why this cannot be done. However, all the excuses have one factor in common. This factor is empire. It is not possible to measure the potential for the future with the yardstick of empire. Empire has no principle, much less higher-order principles. However, it is possible to apply a new yardstick of the kind that we see already reflected throughout the Universe. What we see here is astonishing. Take a simple atom, of hydrogen for example. It is made up of two atomic particles, a proton, and an electron that is a thousand times smaller than a proton. With these two particles the universe creates an atomic structure that is 100,000 times larger than the sum of its parts. That's the kind of yardstick that we need to get used to when we step away from empire to universal principles. A 100,000-fold gain from investment can be readily achieved with efficient automated production of free high-quality housing units. If once considers the horrendous human waste that is involved with current housing production, and the enormous gain that a rapidly developing society can achieve in terms of advanced creativity and productivity, the 100,000-fold gain is probably a conservative measure.

When we begin to think in terms of higher-order principles for creating efficient housing, anything that we happening today comes to light as extremely wasteful. Look at wood construction. We have to go into the forest, cut down trees, haul them to mills and saw them into boards, which we then haul to site and individually measure and cut again, and nail into place, and so on and on. The total effort is so large that it takes a family two or three decades to pay for it all. A large portion of modern society has become thereby mortgage enslaved, or rent enslaved. That's a poor way to start an economic recovery. Nor is the process efficient enough to keep society abreast with the growing need, especially if one considers that during the transition period to the next Ice Age, almost all of the current housing will likely collapse as the snow-loading in winter is gradually increasing. In some parts of the world housing collapse under heavy snow loading has already begun. There is a pressing need, as we move into the transition to colder climates, to step up to higher order principles for housing production to meet the higher-order needs. If we refuse to take those steps, we are as good as dead, as a society. But if we move ahead and emulate more and more the dynamics of the Universe, the sky is the limit. And this is the platform on which all the other higher-order principles that seem like science fiction today, become as natural as apple pie, such as creating indoor agriculture, or tapping into the electric power that powers the sun, or building a base on the moon, colonizing mars, reaching out to the stars. These are all natural developments of higher-order principles that we already have in our grasp to implement.

The Intercontinental Bridge

The world is presently fast collapsing. To prevent this collapse America's scientific pioneer in economics had proposed back in 1997 the building of a land bridge across the top of the world via a railway tunnel under the Bering Straight. The tunnel would connect a proposed railway land bridge that would bridge all across Europe and Asia into Africa, with a similar land bridge that would bridge all across the Americas, from Alaska to the tip of South America. While some of the railway networks are slowly being built the connecting link across the top of the world remains far from being seriously put on the agenda. Nevertheless, the logic behind the connection is gaining ground politically, so much so that the future of mankind has become centered on the Pacific rather than on the Atlantic as in the days of empire spreading its tentacles across the world. Economically Europe lays strangled by force of empire expressed through the chokehold of numerous EU treaties, so that the hope for a free world now lies in Asia (China, India, and Russia) with the USA joining in as is being proposed by Lyndon LaRouche (which remains yet to be accomplished).

However, it appears that more than this is now needed, for the simple reason that the collapse has gone too deep. Higher-order principles are needed for the global recovery of civilization, of the kind that offer a thousand-fold return, or even a hundred-thousand-fold return, such as we see expressed in the Universe. High temperature nuclear powered automated housing production, possibly using molten basalt as a material, will likely offer economic returns on the needed scale to uplift the world. The Bering Straight tunnel link might become a reality some day as a secondary route, but a faster-to-build direct link across the Pacific via a floating bridge would most likely become the chosen option as a driver for the automated basalt casting technologies. Every nation in the world is in need to upgrade its housing platform as a first step in developing its scientific, cultural, and economic power. The building of an efficient trans-pacific floating bridge, produced nearly exclusively in automated processes, would kick start the global development. In like manner a floating bridge across the Atlantic would need to be built, connecting Africa into the American network, with a link to Brazil. Africa needs to be taken out of the hands of empire and be given the opportunity to take its place in the free world. Connected with a branch-link to Brazil, of the transatlantic bridge, a portion of the outflow of the Amazon River might be diverted to water the Sahara. Also the world-connecting bridges would be built far enough south to be safe from the approaching Ice Age that stands already on the horizon, though the timing of the transition period cannot be predicted. Obviously, when the Ice Age transition begins that no one can accurately predict, and the cold climate creeps south and devastates agriculture, a fully developed Africa and Brazil become of crucial importance. But none of that should pose a problem if mankind meets the greater challenge  increasingly with the utilization of higher-order principles, such as with high-energy intense processes that enable automated basalt casting technologies. A 100,000-fold economic gain should be achievable. Indeed, how would one measure the gain in economic power of a radically upgraded civilization?

See: The Intercontinental Bridge

A unique case of a higher-order principle

And there is finally, one more higher-order principle that challenges society presently more than any other challenge has in human history, and this challenge is to end the rule of empire. On this front we stand as severely shackled as the billion farmers are who till the ground with their bare hand and primitive hand tools. The rule of empire has caused the development of mankind to come to a standstill and regress. In comparison with the last renaissance centered on the principle of the Peace of Westphalia, the present world is running at a huge deficit in its cultural, scientific, economic, and humanist achievements. We are regressing to ever-lower levels of principles, towards a near infantile state of existence. Our economic productive power has shrunk worldwide. Instead of providing free housing, people are thrown onto the streets out of the existing ones, and the rest are becoming increasingly unaffordable. Instead of providing free education to build a foundation for the advance of society as whole, education becomes largely unaffordable junk-food. And healthcare, instead of being free is priced into the stratosphere as a profit engine, while huge movements are afoot to deny it altogether if it cannot be cheaply done. There is only exit available from this trap that leads to oblivion, and this exit lies in coming to terms with the nature of the Universe that is built throughout on progressively higher-order principles, that we ourselves are a product of. If we refuse to take this exit we are dead. But why should we refuse? There is no fun in unprincipled living, which is paramount to self-denial. Mankind's subjection to monetarism is self-denial, as is subjection to empire, fascism, lies, poverty, and the loss of sovereignty. And this self-denial is a denial of principle, a denial of the Universe, a denial of sanity, even a denial of life itself as the empire demands in its ranting for depopulation. But here, another principle comes into play that cuts right through all forms of self-denial. This principle is stated in the American Declaration of Independence, which states that wile society is inclined to suffer tragedies for as long as they are sufferable, society finds itself invariably impelled from a point on (as a right) to rid itself of the forces that impose the tragedies, and establish itself on higher-order principles to achieve its happiness.

The actual words are somewhat different but their meaning is identical. The current world crisis has really nothing to do with monetarism, and empire, and the rejection of national sovereignty, and imperial dictates over the world, and the breakdown of empire itself as its looting enterprises - called banks, and so on - are in the boundary zone to their total collapse. Since there are all symptoms of a common disease, the current world crisis is about only one issue, and the name of this issue is oligrachism, and the underlying cause is society literally spitting into its own face be submitting itself to it, rather than standing tall with all the principles of freedom that the Universe affords to mankind if it cares to take hold of them. It is safe to predict that mankind will rescue itself on this platform and stand tall with riches it has within itself in spire of the political structures it has and fails to use, or has standing against it as in the case of Europe now living under the Lisbon empire. The exists no structure or power that would hinder mankind to stand tall with even just a few of the great principles of the Universe in its pockets, such as the principles that Plato has put on the table, and the heart of Christianity, and the Golden Renaissance, and the Peace of Westphalia, and the principles that led to the founding of the USA and its standing tall as a city upon a hill that for a season had the eyes of the world drawn onto it. Contrary to all the lies that are thrown into face of mankind, the principles are timeless on which it has won considerable freedoms in the past. 

Principles are timeless and immutable by their very nature 

The principle of the sovereignty of a people as a nation, can no more be outdated than the Universe itself can become outdated. Nor can the principle of fair trade ever become a relic of the past, or the Principle of the Advantage of the Other, on which the Peace of Westphalia was founded. Neither will the Principle of Gravity ever cease to be effective. Whatever mankind has achieved in all the rich periods of its past remains as a standard to move forward from. 

The only thing that can collapse and become outdated and vanish into oblivion, is that which has no principle in support of it, and never had, such as empire and its clown shows with its performing monkeys staged in countless circuses. So, who needs to fight empire? Empire is its own worst enemy. Its nature is self-defeating? 

Goya - Saturn devouring one of his sons - Museo del Prado

By stepping aside from empire as a sovereign society, and out of empire's reach, mankind opens itself up to the dynamics of the Universe that is expressed in a 100,000-fold gain, wherever it is expressed..

The principles of the Universe are free of war. Their platform is the Principle of Universal Love, universal development, and harmonizing cooperation. The principle of mankind's protection is the principle of the renaissance, the principle of the Peace of Westphalia, the Principle of the Advantage of the Other, the American Principle of the General Welfare. With these we step away from empire and its modes. In the face of these principles empire can only eat itself and vanish.

But how do we govern ourselves, having left empire and its monetarism behind? Here the story continues:

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