The Power Cycle


The cycle of a day

Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Life on Earth is locked into the cycles determined by the Sun, 
from dawn to sunset

And so we have come to see things in a cyclical manner, including the development of our power as human beings. 

1. The dawn may be seen as the dawning of the human spirit.
2. The sunrise may be seen as the brightening glow of
3. The noonday may be deemed civilization:
principle unfolding in economics, technologies, and freedoms.
4. The sunset is the golden glow on the horizon that promises a new day, with horizons that have not yet appeared, but are seen in the

These cycles are all related to power

The four topics, Spirit, Life, Principle, and Mind are all addressed in detail on this website. See a related study: Cross-relationships. The four topics can also be seen to define specific developmental characteristics. In this developmental context there is one thing that unites them all, which is their relationship to power, especially in terms of replicating on earth the power that powers the Universe, which is electric power, and which also powers the Sun. However there exist also other aspects of power, and forms within them that are as distinct from each other as the periods of a day. And these are all essential aspects of our power as humanity, which we cannot loose sight of as they enrich us all. These additional aspects are cultural and spiritual aspects of power.

Let us explore several aspects of power

A: physical power

B: cultural power

C: freedom power

A: physical power

Power is what gets things done; what powers civilization; what operates an economy; what runs the creative engines - industries, farming, transportation, etc. - in the Universe this power is primarily electric power.

Power in Spirit

The human spirit urges us to stand tall, and ever more so. We stood up to the challenge to stand on the Moon. Now face the task of building a city on it as a base for reaching further into the Universe. For this we need power. The mighty rockets got us off the ground. But the universe is vast, so that new propulsion systems of a higher order are required that match the higher order mission. And for this we need a higher order vision. Without a breakthrough on this front, our spirit runs into a barrier. We no longer stand tall, facing the great frontier. Our Rocket engines are too slow and too limited, because they must carry their own fuel. The Saturn 5 moon rocket, for example weighed 3000 tons. Most of this weight was in fuel. The first stage alone burned 2,000 tons of this fuel in the first two and a half minutes.  (see: Rocket Trip to the Moon - Saturn V )

To break this power barrier, our hope has been set on nuclear fusion, but fusion power apparently cannot be realized, nor does it happen anywhere in the Universe (see the challenge of: Mind ). However, as we look to the Universe, better options unfold before us. We observe the solar winds, for example, and see them accelerating to up to a 1,000 km/sec (typically 1/3 of that) as they move away from the Sun against the force of the Sun's immense gravity. The solar winds are propelled that way up to a maximum speed of 3.5 million kilometers an hour - 100 times faster than any rocket can fly. Wouldn't we do well to replicate the process? Nor would be need to carry our fuel then, if we were to develop this principle. The solar-wind propulsion is evidently by electromagnetic force - one of the strongest forces in the Universe, the force that pervades space. The Universe is flush with electric power, and it utilize it to power all of its functions. The Universe IS power. And this power is electric in nature. 

With every sun being electrically powered, electricity evidently pervades all space, including our solar system. The Earth is afloat in this power. NASA's challenge, in future years, will be to learn to utilize this power, both for space flight, and to power our economies on Earth. Herein lies the challenge to our spirit: the challenge to step across the mental barrier that keeps our minds small and locked to a gravity-only perception of the Universe, even while it is being admitted that 99.999 % of the mass of the Universe is in the plasma state, a kind of matter without form, existing as electrically 'charged' particles. It will likely be NASA that will some day break today's conceptional the barrier that locks us into a small-world thinking. NASA needs this breakout to achieve its higher goals, and it needs it also to enable the utilization on Earth of the boundless energy resources that surround us in space. 

It might also be possible for NASA to utilize the same process to break the Ice Age cycles. And this is a critical matter, seeing that the next glaciation cycle is already on the horizon according to historic trends. (see: No Ice Age Allowed - we can block it)

Power in Life

It has only recently been recognized that electric power is the post critical component of all life on our planet, without which it would not exist. The humble chlorophyll molecule that is found in nearly all plants, is an electric processing engine. Its shape includes an 'antenna' that receives electromagnetic energy from the Sun, and converts this power into electricity that it utilizes in a multi-stage process of chemical ionization to unlock the molecular bond of the carbon dioxide in the air, which frees up oxygen for animated life forms, and carbon for the plant's own use. (see the challenge of: Mind ). It is also known that neurological processes are electric in nature. It is further known that our galaxy is a hotbed of cosmic radiation in the form of fast moving free electrons and protons - typically moving close to the speed of light - some of which penetrate into the heliosphere and reach the Earth, including our bodies. However, being as small as they are, and as fast moving, they pass clear through us without touching anything, since the atoms of our bodies are mostly empty space. And even is they were on a collision course, the electric force that they carry prevents potential collisions. However, by being electric particles, they create a magnetic field around them as they move, which in turn affects other electric processes, including the neurological processes. By looking at historic pattern a coincidence comes to light between periods of great intellectual achievements and periods of high incoming cosmic radiation. (see: Mankind: Children of the Universe )

In this context it might be said that even the human intellect is to some degree 'electrically' powered by the Universe. If this is so, the next Ice Age period should open up unprecedented intellectual development on a scale we cannot yet imagine. And it might even be possible to intentionally utilize this process that the universe has pioneered, in order to overcome great challenges, such as the challenge to block the Ice Age climate from forming. The possibility may be very real that we can develop technological power to advance our intellectual power, and perhaps even the power of the biosphere.

Power in Principle

All aspects of economics are powered by principles, and the physical aspects of it require physical power. Civilization depends on it. It cannot exist without it. 

Most of the power that is used on our planet is basically atomic power, which in turn is electric power. When you light a candle, the carbon in the paraffin is chemically combined with oxygen, forming CO2 molecules. This process takes place, because the atomic structure of the carbon and oxygen atoms as such that in close approximation a carbon atom and two oxygen atoms can share their electrons in their outer shells in a manner that completes each other's outer shells. This drawing together is an electric process at the atomic level. By the drawing together parts of the energy fields of the atoms overlap, whereby the excess becomes free energy, lighting the flame. We call it a chemical process, but this is really an electric process. And, as in the case of the chlorophyll, it takes an electric process to reverse it.

We have learned over time to convert chemical energy back into electric energy, utilizing thermal processes. Most of modern civilization is electrically powered, or is powered directly by chemical processes. Nuclear fission power likewise involves a thermal process. In the process atoms are split, which recombine into 'smaller' atoms by electric force, and thereby release excess neutrons, that by their interaction with other atoms release energy, which becomes converted into thermal energy,

Our barrier against expanding our civilization that depends on ever-greater energy use, is basically a barrier that is built into the power production process. Chemical processes provide a low power-flux density. Large facilities and large amounts of fuel are needed to produce a certain amount of energy output. In the nuclear fission process, the entire process is more condensed. By it, vastly more energy can be produced from the same volume of fuel. Also, the produced energy is more dense. But even in the nuclear power plant, the produced thermal energy needs to be converted to mechanical energy and from there to electric energy, before it becomes useful for economic processes. The process is thereby inherently inefficient.

This barrier falls away when we begin to discover the principle that the Universe has designed for powering the Sun with the electric currents surrounding it. Since the free electricity in space is a mixture of electrons and protons, a charge separation is required before electric action can take place, and this appears to be powered by gravity, considering that protons are a thousand times 'heavier' than electrons and twice as numerous. Once the principles that are involved in this process are understood, and the technologies are developed, mankind gains access to a literally infinite energy supply that is clean, efficient, an inexhaustible. Manned space flight will likely be an essential component in the development of this process. In other words, we have an infinite future before us, built on electric power, the power of the Universe

Power in Mind

Here, perhaps, lies the greatest challenge. The challenge is to discover what principles are operating in the Universe and to discover how to use them, and to discover what imagined principles that are currently being pursued, are sheer fantasy and have no equivalent in the real universe, such as appears to be the case with nuclear fusion power, black holes in space, alternate realities, and the big-bang universe itself -- all or which are eating up a lot of the creative energy of society and the powers of the imagination.

By looking for what is real, great potentials open up before us. For example, the molecular separation process through ionization, that we see so efficiently utilized by the chlorophyll molecule to separate carbon from oxygen, as a principle, promises us the potential to separate the rocks of the earth into their constituent elements. The processes of life have done this for as long as life has existed. All the metals that we use today are products that were created in living processes, except for the metals in asteroids. By discovering the principles involved, which are likely electric in nature, utilizing ionization processes,  a vast world of plenty potentially opens up before us, which remains presently locked up in the rocks of the earth.

The power of the human mind appears to be designed to discover and to understand the principles of the Universe, and to implement these principles, and with them advance the dynamism of life to a constantly higher level. It has long been recognized that the Universe is a harmonious construct that is constantly developing, and that life is a leading-edge development agent in this process. What has been lacking so far is the recognition that we ourselves may be only a still higher-order element at the leading edge of the Universe's endlessly ongoing self-development, with a mission to fulfill that has countless as yet unrecognized potentials built into it, which we are in the process of unfolding.


B: Cultural Power

Cultural power is the essence of national power. It is that which gives a nation its strength and its identity, which grow out of the history of its people's development. For the USA this history has been shaped by its still ongoing struggle for freedom from empire as the defining element of its culture. For India the main defining element of its culture appears to be spiritual in nature, the color of life that evidently grow out of its people's struggles to survive in the Vedic and Brahmanic Dark Ages, and its colonial domination. For China, the nation's long cultural heritage brought forth an industrious people, a nation of builders and creators. For Russia its cultural heritage appears to be expressed in its scientific development that may have grown out of a need to survive in a vast and harsh land, with the constant need for having to defend itself. For mankind to survive the present challenge, it needs to draw on all of its cultural strengths in a universal cooperative fashion. 

LaRouche's 4-power proposal - China, Russia, India, and the USA

This is about freedom from empire. The minimal threshold. It requires a cooperation that finds its strength, both in numbers, and in diversity.

Cultural Spirit

Call it the spirit of freedom. The USA was built by a group of pioneers who aimed to create a new world far from empire, but the snake of empire was always at its heels. It colonized the new world. When this chokehold on freedom was rebuffed with the American Revolution, empire answered with war. When the war-conquest was rebuffed, empire answered with subversion. When the subversion failed, empire answered with civil war. When the civil-war conquest failed, empire answered with assassination and decapitation. It assassinated its patriotic leaders and decapitated the nation by 'stealing' its currency and its credit rights. When Franklin Roosevelt rebuffed the thievery, he was tolerated, because the empire needed America to save it from the consequence of its own folly, that of enthroning its puppet Hitler and its cultural weapon: Fascism and War. When America rebuffed all of that, empire re-colonized America with the conduit of Atlanticism, and the promise of its partnership in the world or empire. America became empire's fool. It is now an occupied nation. All of its posts of national power are occupied by agents of empire, working at the dictates of empire, for the total destruction of the USA as a viable nation. In the course of this internal war on America, all of America's vital industries have been destroyed, its population diminished and ravished, its infrastructures collapsed, its scientific capacity evaporated, its financial power turned into an empty shell, its farming wrecked with abuses, and now its space flight capability is about to be destroyed as well together with placing the population into utter austerity. But in spite of its being destroyed, beleaguered, and occupied, America has one gem remaining in its heart, which is its cultural spirit of freedom, the very spirit of freedom by which it was born. With this, America has a strength within that, when awakened, has the potential to turn the war of empire around against itself. 

The world needs this spirit and emulate it, and make it its own spirit.

Cultural Life

The cultural power of life is perhaps best illustrated in India, a nation comprised of more than a hundred cultures with a vast background of traditions, celebrations, aspirations, religions, and achievements in cultural strength that gave the biggest empire on the planet the boot, ending several centuries of colonial looting. While the empire's globalization drive still knocks at its door, and destabilization campaigns are run against it, India has not not been re-colonized and re-occupied, but remains proudly sovereign und dynamically alive. It stands as an example and inspiration for all nations in this respect.

Cultural Principle

If any nation has earned to be respected for its stand on Principle, it is China. And this principle is that China is one - that the Chinese are one people. This stand on Principle will likely never change. While China had been occupied as nation after the empire's opium wars, which continued in various ways until the Chinese Civil War ended foreign rule, China reestablished itself and rebuilt itself from a nearly defeated nation into the now leading economic power in the world. No nation has suffered more pain than China has suffered, and destruction, and agony, on the course from it being so deeply defeated that it almost collapsed culturally, to regain its self-respect by which it is standing tall, reaching at the stars, and reaching out a helping hand to other nations. While many mistakes have been made in its long national struggle, and some evidently remain yet to be corrected, China stands as an example in the world for the power that is inherent in cultural principles. Some of this power has evidently been drawn from its historic Confucius ideology and some of it was also later drawn from the American-Systems economic ideology from the time when America was standing tall. In this respect China also stands as an example that outstanding cultural achievements can be transmitted with wide-reaching effects.

Cultural Mind

In Russian culture, scientific achievements play a big role. Science gave Russia the edge to hold its own against the combined might of whole western world during the Cold War period. Some of this still remains. It was Russia that ushered in the great race to the stars, during the Soviet era. This momentum gave it an edge that literally enabled it to survive. It was its scientific breakthrough in nuclear engineering, which gave it the hydrogen bomb, that convinced the West to call off its far advanced plan to nuke Russia off the map in the name of fighting communism, as the masters of empire had called their plan. Russia knows that its future lies not in raw material exports to the West but in utilizing its science-power for technological development to re-industrialize the nation. This kind of commitment keeps Russia at the forefront in the exporting of nuclear power technology and expanding its own use of it.

C: Freedom Power

Freedom Power is a nation's power to attain freedom from empire. Freedom is the natural state of mankind's being, and no other barrier against it exists than that erected by empire. One can look back as far into history as one likes, freedom has always been blocked by various types of empire, from the smallest to the mightiest. The power of a nation to remain free is born by an inner strength that is spiritual in nature, but which is all too often easily eroded by the 'hypnotism' of the crafty who serve the masters of empire for a penny. In ancient days the craft was more readily understood, for its seduction was raw and unmistakable. The "whore of Babylon" was known by it. But in the modern world the whorehouses became more concealed, and their 'hypnotism' less obvious, though more powerful, to the point that they "deceive the very elect." And so, the nations loose their freedom one by one. All of Western Europe has now become imprisoned by this process, with some still applying to be let in to become imprisoned. In the Euro Zone no nation is free any longer. And the chains are being expanded. America, too, is no longer free. The chains were forged link by link with the Maastrisht Treaty and the Lisbon Treaty, while the masters behind the chains, the masters empire, prefer to remain hidden, although their colors are shining through.

LaRouche's warning poster against the slavery to empire

But what caused the chains to be forged? What caused the most precious to become lost? Perhaps the answer can be found by looking at how the USA was created.

Spirit of Freedom

It begins with spiritual alertness. The enslavement of mankind is not legitimate in any form in which it is administered. America once stood as a city built on the hill and the eyes of world were upon it, now the eyes of the world are still upon it, but wet with tears. How has so much been lost, so fast, and the loss become so deep reaching?

In the years before 1620 the empires were small, called kingdoms, but the mentality that ruled was the same as it is today. The value of the human being, other than royalty and nobility, had been discounted to zero and less. A human person was counted as of lesser value than a dog or a sheep. Now it is counted as cancer on the earth that the masters of empire wish to see reduced by 80% or even 90% depending on who makes that call. In the years before 1620 the laws and customs were such that the development of human worth was essentially prohibited. This was also the time in which the Thirty Years War began to erupt which unfolded out of this hell of an ever-deeper degradation of human worth.

The trend to hell was evidently started by design, by the empire of Venice, that was nearly defeated by the great Golden Renaissance a century early, which consequently vowed to destroyed the Renaissance and expand the bestial mastery of empire over mankind into the Netherlands and England. In the early 1600s this objective was achieved. But a band of humanist rebels fought against this rush into hell. They advocated England's rejection of the Venetian (Sarpian) liberal imperialism. Becoming persecuted, they escaped in 1608 to the Netherlands, to the University of Leiden where they began to publish their humanist ideals, which were of course deeply opposed of liberal imperial monetarism. 

The humanism the group promoted was a distant echo of the Golden Renaissance where the human being had raised tall and become the most precious of all forms of and the most powerful in creative potential, second to none. "Reason is that wherein man goes before all other creatures and only after God..." was written in one of the publications.

Some of the publications were smuggled into England and secretly distributed. In 1616 King James retaliated against this "puritan pest" as he might have called them, and won the Government of the Netherlands to his cause to stop the rebel ideology. One of the leaders, Thomas Robinson was arrested. The other leader, William Brewster, escaped to England where he organized a voyage in 1620 to the distant shores of North America that Columbus had discovered a century earlier. He was joined by 50 of his followers from the Netherlands, and 50 from England. He had chartered two ships, but was constantly delayed by sabotage. Eventually he left with but one ship, the Mayflower, now over-crowed, an a 66 day voyage across the Atlantic, with the hope to establish a free society there, free of the heavy hand of oligarchy and its slavery.

From this beginning emerged the Bay Colony of Massachusetts.

see: - (LPAC video 1620)


Life of Freedom

But life is more than just a freedom of spirit. Life is for living. It has its own elements of freedom that need to be satisfied. Some of these are physical. The human being needs shelter, warmth, clothing, food. The raw land provides few of these. The pilgrims of the Mayflower found the raw land harsh and barren. They arrived on the 21st of November. The land was frozen, covered with snow. Diverted by bad weather they arrived at the tip of Cape Cod. Thy raised a few stores of corn that the Indians had laid up for themselves, which got them into trouble so that they had to move again. They sailed across the bay to a place that they named Plymouth (named after their port of departure). And so, on the 23rd of December, in the depth of a harsh winter (as the Little Ice Age had begun), they - that is, whoever was able to work - began the construction of a village on top of a small hill, while all remained living on the ship, probably wet, cold, and undernourished, so that life on the ship become a death trap for many. Over 40 of the pilgrims died on the ship of various types of diseases, and half of the ship's crew. Of the 18 adult women of the pilgrim, 13 died the first winter while another died in May. Only four adult women were left alive by Thanksgiving. A total of 53 had died.

At the end of January nine residences had been built and four common houses (19 residences had been planned). At this point there was enough space established to permit the unloading of supplies. By the end of March enough housing had been built for all the surviving passengers to move to the shore. In mid-April the Mayflower returned to England where she arrived in mid-May.

In November 1621, 37 more settlers arrived, and so, gradually the settlement grew to about 7000 by 1690. It is significant only in that it started a trend and illustrated a principle that had been missed.

The Massachusetts Bay Colony started equally small, under the 'ownership' of the Dorchester Company that was originally organized at the urging of the Puritan Rev. John White of Dorchester. But the settlement was not profitable, and the financial backers of the Dorchester Company terminated their support by the end of 1625. As an increasing number of Puritans wanted to join the company, John White sought a Royal Charter for the colony. He  had worked hard to obtain a patent in 1628 for lands between the parallel that ran three miles south of the Charles River to three miles north of the Merrimack River, and all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific – though they had no idea of the size of the land mass. King Charles granted the correspanding new charter in March 1629, superseding the land grant and establishing a legal basis for the new English Colony of Jamestown. It was not apparent that Charles knew the Company was meant to support the Puritan emigration, and he was likely left to assume it was purely for business purposes, as was the custom. The charter omitted a significant clause – the location for the annual stockholders' meeting and election of their leaders. This allowed formation of the Cambridge Agreement later that year, which set the locus of government in New England. The Massachusetts Bay Colony became the only English chartered colony whose board of governors did not reside in England. This independence helped the settlers to maintain their Puritan religious practices with very little oversight by the King, the Archbishop, and the Church. The charter remained in force for 55 years, when, as a result of colonial insubordination with trade, tariff and navigation laws, Charles II revoked it in 1684.

However, there is much more to the story of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It just begins here. The first 400 settlers under this new charter departed in April 1629. Most of the members of the Company were Puritans. Events during the spring and summer of 1629 convinced them that many others would be attracted to such a colony. What came out of this started a great migration. Many ministers, reacting to the newly repressive religious policies of England, were eager to make the trip with their flocks of followers, just for that. John Cotton, was among them, and Roger Williams, Thomas Hooker, Samuel Skelton. They became the religious leaders of Puritan congregations in Massachusetts. John Winthrop, a respected political figure, was elected to become the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. With the support of wealthy Puritans, John Winthrop organized a flotilla of eleven ships in 1630, that brought 700 or up to 1000, new settlers to the New World, most of them skilled craftsmen of all types and trades. With this huge start he set up a pattern for the migration to come. The famous saying, "...we shall be a city upon a hill, and the eyes of all people are upon us..." originated with John Winthrop.
(see: )

 In 1630 a page was turned by John Winthrop. What empire had lost sight of, the productive and creative skills of the human being, Winthrop had seen as society's greatest wealth, and had brought this with him to the new world in abundance, and had developed it further. While the early months were hard, nevertheless, a new age of development had begun that could no longer be turned back. In a decade the colony had grown into a community of 20,000. Also, in the new colony education became compulsory and universal, with academies being set up to prepare children for school. And for higher education the Havard College was organized. In addition a Constitution was created, complete with a charter of freedoms that established a tall platform of liberty for the guidance of the courts, so that the hard-won freedoms would never become lost. John Winthrop was the first governor elected, of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and was reelected 12 times until his death in 1648. 

In order for the colony to advance its economic development, it created its own currency in 1652. It had to, it ran out of silver. It is simply not possible to operate an economy on the barter system. To solve the problem it created a scrip. It simply created a printed note that was accepted among the people to have the same value as silver coins. The project worked well. Massachusetts became a credit society. There was no shortage of money now in the colony to build what was needed to be built to make the operation of the colony more efficient, especially its farming, and thereby improve the standard of living. Everyone was happy with this arrangement, except the king of England. The colonists had snubbed him, saying in essence, who needs to borrow from the king at a king's ransom if one can create one's own economic lifeblood? The scrip was consequently outlawed, but apparently continued to be printed into the 1680s.

The Charter that Charles II revoked, was eventually renegotiated in 1692 by Increase Mather. When Mather successfully roused opposition to the revocation of the charter, he was nearly framed for treason. He traveled to London. eluding spies that were out to catch him, to petition the King.  He came back with a new charter that granted sweeping home rule and established an elective legislature. However, the puritan ideals that started the great success story, backfired. Religious extremism became irrationalism. With it the infamous witch trials began which effectively killed the republican ideals that had started the Massachusetts Bay Colony. When in June and July in 1692 the trials and executions grew worth, Mather made a number of sermons interpreted as a plea to cool the heated atmosphere, saying that "It were better that Ten Suspected Witches should escape, than that one Innocent Person should be Condemned." Nevertheless he refused to repudiate the process. The Salem Witch Trials, in which both Increase and Cotton Mather became entangled in, effectively closed the book on one of the grandest chapters of the republican spirit of mankind that nearly ended the history of freedom in America. 150 people were arrested, 19 of them hanged. One man was crushed to death under heavy stones in an attempt to force him to confess. The entire circus may have started as a politically motivated oligarchic operation.

It appears that 1692 marks the beginning of a phase of cultural warfare by the masters of empire that has not stopped to the present day. Evidently the Salem Witch trials didn't just happen. Evidently, in typical Venetian fashion, a covert operation was run to stop the explosive economic and humanist development that the masters of empire could no longer securely control. The trials brought this era of cultural optimism and freedom to an end. We have seen many such operations run against the leading edge cultures. Hitler's fascism was but an example. Then the specter became called communism, followed by terrorism, overlaid with the infamous project of promoting freedom from culture. Homosexuality became another specter. The hands of empire always appear in the background, of course. The latest specter is homosexuality. Soon the witch trials will begin anew. According to a message received (2/17/2010), a new law is promoted to be passed in Uganda that proposes life imprisonment for anyone convicted of having same-sex relations and the death penalty for “serial offenders”. NGOs working to prevent the spread of HIV could be imprisoned for up to 7 years for “promoting homosexuality”. Members of the public face up to three years in jail if they fail to report homosexual activity to the police within 24 hours! The Reverend Canon Gideon Byamugisha, one of the outspoken opponents says about the new law. "It is violating our cultures, traditions and religious values that teach against intolerance, injustice, hatred and violence. We need laws to protect people -- not ones that will humiliate, ridicule, persecute and kill them en masse." The objective is evidently the same as it had been during the witch trials: to set off a social bomb in the midst of a critical period. With empire racing to its doom, a ratcheting down of civilization is needed. The republican development in the Massachusetts Bay Colony was brought to a halt by this process.

Fortunately the republican development itself wasn't stopped by this intervention. The unfolding of life of freedom started anew in a different context. Jonathan Swift, an Irish satirist, essayist, poet, cleric, and political pamphleteer had picked up the cause of republican freedom and and begun organizing for it. At this time all the colonies were strung along the coast with the vast interior being lest untouched. It was a policy of the British/Venetian imperial establishment to keep the colonies limited to areas near the coast, in order to prevent their continuing development into a larger force. The Indian population, through the French who had established a network of trading forts in the interior, we used to assure that the settlers stayed at the coast. It also became evident that in order to break the hold the crown had on the colonies, the interior had to be developed. And so, in 1710 the push began into the interior. However, a natural barrier stood in the way, the Appalachian Mountains. Nevertheless, a pass had been found across them, the Blue Ridge Pass. Now it so happened that back in 1693, a certain Lord Fairfax, a great fan of Jonathan Swift, came onto the scene, who had obtained a proprietorship under a land-grand scheme of a hundred years standing, for a strip of land that led all the way from Chesapeake Bay to the upper Potomac River and to this Pass. Now the path lay open to the Ohio Valley, the Mississippi, and the Great Lakes. The masters of empire, who had an iron grip on all the accesses to the interior through the regional governors, had lost this round, because Fairfax's proprietorship lay outside their reach. The interior was no accessible for development.

When Lord Fairfax moved to Virginia to survey his territory he became neighbors to the Washington family who had a son, named George. Evidently the interior development proceeded. And here, all of the previous developments came into play again. When the time came to break with the empire with the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and to defend the colonies against the empire, George Washington recruited quite a few men for his army at Havard in Massachusetts, which by then had already incorporated the Plymouth Colony. And so, along a course of 150 years of constant development, improvement, and reaching out further and further to improve the standard of living for the people, the colonies became a nation. 

The freedom of life, as the experience has shown, lies in the constant development of the human potential. This is where today's world is failing. Development has been turned backwards. What the western world once produced is now largely imported form cheap labor countries that are thereby enslaved so that they cannot develop either. The productivity of the entire world is thereby collapsing. Farming is likewise turned backwards. Food is now turned into motor fuel while a billion people are forced into chronic starvation. The credit society principle has been scraped long ago, in favor of private monetarism. In the USA the strangulation of the nation with private monetarism started in 1913. It was temporarily lifted by Franklin Roosevelt, but as soon as he was dead, it was re-imposed again. In Europe the strangulation tool became the Euro. Now all of Europe is economically collapsing under the monetarist strangulation that enables looting, while the looting system itself is collapsing. Even the Salem Witch Trials are back, though under a different name, such as, fighting communism, now its called fighting terrorism. And in all of these cases the specter was artificially created for destabilizing purposes.

There is no return to the freedom of life possible without removing the global stranglehold of private monetarism and the returning the world to platform of sovereign national credit systems and strictly regulated banking that guarantees the redevelopment of the world. In today's world the equivalent to the interior development of North America that had powered the Colonies to become a nation, is worldwide. The interior development is now needed everywhere. Africa is in a desperate need for it, likewise Asia, Russia, Europe, India, the USA, and all of South America. There is no need for a billion people to be starving when the world's food supply can be tripled with ease, and countless millions to be homeless in an age when housing can be mass-produced in automated industrial facilities and be given away for free, and for millions to be unemployed, and millions more becoming consumed in squalor, crime, and war. The stranglehold becomes automatically broken once empire is vacated from the seat of power. And it appears that the days may not be far distant when society will cause this to happen and reclaims for itself the freedom of life.

Principle of Freedom

The principle of freedom is simple. Its name is scientific and technological development. For example, back in the days of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, when industrial products were needed of the type that the farmers and the villagers could not create themselves, they simply built the industrial infrastructure for it, like an ironworks. They brought in the skilled labor and whatever else was needed and built themselves a leading edge integrated industrial complex for producing iron products. Their blast furnace produced eight tons of iron a week. While this output seems minuscule in today's terms, it was a freedom engine in an iron-starved world. Suddenly all sorts of things became possible that were impossible before, like producing implements for construction, for making tools, and for producing farming equipment. Freedom comes with higher-order principles that supercede the scope of challenge by at least an order of magnitude in productive power. It today's age the equivalent is nuclear power. In a power starved world nuclear power fills the void. Windmills take us a step backwards. However nuclear power itself, needs to be superceded by a new power source that is an order of magnitude more efficient than what it replaces. Such a power source exists, but do we have the wisdom to develop the technology for it, or even the courage to look in this direction?

The current trend is to shut down scientific and technological progress. The recently announced shutdown of NASA's manned space program is the equivalent of shutting down the future of mankind, because the principle of freedom is located is located in scientific and technological progress, and in the arena of advanced power systems development NASA's manned space capability is a key component. A commitment to shutting down the infrastructure for the future, is a akin to a commitment to commit suicide. The European nations appear to be in a race towards suicide by shutting down their already built nuclear power infrastructure, racing back into the dark age of windmills and Don Quixote.

Mind of Freedom

There is no freedom possible without the development of the mind. Freedom begins there, and when it fails, ends there. For example, with nuclear fusion power development fast failing in its promise (see: The challenge of Mind) a new promise that unfolds instead - that of tapping into the electric plasma currents that surround us in space - now challenges the mind. While the challenge is of a higher-order magnitude than anything we have faced before, it offers an equally higher-order return in power-production potential, and in space-flight potential. It is here where we find the next step beyond nuclear fission power, and also the capability for long-distant space flight.

The development of the mind begins with education, but its future lies beyond its own leading edge. We don't even know what its shape will be. The most efficient path here appears to be at the present to search for the principles that are already operating in the universe naturally, and to replicate them on earth by relocating them in the mind, and then find ways to apply them. 

For example, the path towards the development of nuclear-fission power was easy, because we saw the process operating naturally in the universe. And so, we were able to replicate and apply it. The development of nuclear-fusion power is failing us, because as we have now discovered, it isn't really happening anywhere in the Universe. It was once thought to be powering the Sun, but this turned out to be a delusion. However, by discovering the galactic electric currents that power the Sun instead, we discovered a potential power source for ourselves that can never be exhausted. (see: Absolute Power - Solar Power) And so, as one door is closing, a bigger one is opening up. The new door promises to be so big that it might even give us the power to block the next Ice Age from occurring. (see: No Ice Age Allowed - we can block it)

This does not mean that some day in far future we might not supercede in our mind the creative processes that have constructed the Universe, and thereby bring a whole new creative dimension into the Universe. We might indeed one day develop principles that do not yet exist in the Universe, such as for producing power with nuclear fusion, or principles that produce negative gravity that would revolutionize transportation and especially space flight. While we may dream of these future potentials that we might never realize, we already have far greater real potentials laying at our feet than we are willing to acknowledge. This means that we have vast increments in the freedom of the mind immediately before us, enough of it to give the concept of freedom an advanced new definition.


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