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The solar wind interacting with the atmosphere of Venus. Credit: ESA/C. Carreau


The Planet-X (Nibiru) theory

The Sumerian people told us that Nibiru appears every 2000 years and wreaks havoc with the earth's axis every second orbital pass, spaced 4000 years apart. The theory is put forward that the close encounter of Nibiru causes the Earth's rotational axis to tilt forward within a few hours, during the near encounter, by means of a gravitational jolt. 

In today's age, the Planet-X apocalyptic mysticism is tantamount to science fraud, or fictional mysticism that borders on science fraud, since every aspect of the apocalyptic hype runs contrary to known scientific facts. It displays many features that is common to political projects focused on the denial of science, such as the global warming fraud. The purpose of these types of fraud is intentional, to hid universal truths that are inconvenient to empire, as is the development of science itself. The anti-science-fraud mysticism often carries the intention to generate a sense of hopelessness and impotence in society, which perfectly reflects Wellsian/Fabian imperial policy objectives. It is a type of science-fiction mysticism that is intentionally degenerative, though impossible in reality. If the mighty Planet-X jolt was to happen as the story goes, the mechanical stresses in rapidly forcing changes in the rotational characteristic of the the Earth, would rip the earth apart. Did anyone ever try to rapidly tilt a spinning flywheel? It can't be done. No evidence for such events having occured, exist in the glacial records going back hundreds of millennia. 

Now, to look at the other side of the coin. Obviously, something had happened in the past that caused the Sumerian and Mayan people to record observations that could be interpreted in a manner that gave rise to the Planet-x theory. We are told that both Sumerian and Mayan text refer to a planet that is clearly visible by day and by night, which is exactly what one would observe on Earth if a major plasma discharge event occurred around one of the inner planet of the solar system, where such an event is most likely. Indeed, extraordinarily strong plasma-electric effects are known to have occurred in the past in the ever-changing plasma environment of the solar system.  The brightness of such an event would be such that the resulting visible phenomenon has appeared extremely large to the ancient people and has remained visible even during the day. Such extraordinary strong plasma-electric environments would naturally also have major disruptive effects on the Earth, such as causing earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, storms, and so on, from which the doomsday prophecies may have been derived. But those are events that fall within the natural dynamics of our planet that mankind is well-equipped to deal with.

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The Planet-x theory of a large planet intruding into the solar system on a 2000-year highly elliptical orbit around the Sun takes us far outside the realm of the observed and the rational. No such planet has yet been seen. Evidence was once deduced from orbital characteristics of the outer planets that were attributed to the mystery planets, but the cause for this recognized to be the result of other, now more accurately measured, natural effects.

Nevertheless, the mysteries continue, according to which aliens from Planet-x were landing on Earth during the flyby encounter. This too, appears extremely far-fetched.

If Planet-x (Nibiru) did exist, considering Kepler's laws of planetary motion, Nibiru's 2000-year orbit would take it way past the distance of Pluto, most likely to a distance to more than 200 astronomical units (AU) at its aphelion (1 AU equals the distance from the Sun to the Earth). Pluto in comparison, with only a 248 year orbit has a 49 AU aphelion. With its long, stretched-out orbit, Planet-x (Nibiru) would reach far outside the heliosphere. It is unlikely that any biological life form would be able to survive the intense comic radiation that prevails outside the protective heliosphere. Nor would biological life forms be able to live in the extreme cold so far distant from the Sun. And if, miraculously, they did exist by technological means, the planet's 2000-year eccentric orbit would be so highly unstable that the planet would likely not exist for long, especially considering that it would be passing through the asteroid belt, and also through the Kuper belt at the outer edge of the solar system, that is known to contain more than 70 000 objects larger than 100 km in diameter. 

Should the Planet-x mystery worry anybody?

The most rational response would seem to be, to say, no. However, considering that the observers in distant ages see unusual phenomena happening in the sky, coupled with catastrophic phenomena on Earth, the reports from those early times do tell us that the space weather is not a smooth and static plasma-electric environment, but is affected by cycles and storms, just as the weather is on Earth, and affects also the Sun, and thereby the climate on Earth, including the Ice Age cycles. The Planet-x mystery is built on observed effect of the forces that also give us the ice ages. And this should raise a significant concern for which the prophesies to point to events in our timeframe may be valid. We know from ice core samples that the current interglacial period has run its course, and that change lies before us towards radically colder climates which promises to disable most, if not all, of our agricultural food production on which our existence depends. The promise of this loss makes most doomsday predictions that have been prophesied, appear mild in comparison. While mankind has reached the technological stage to create indoor agriculture on a global scale, if society doesn't heed the warning and build the infrastructures for it, a great doom may indeed the global future in which only a few percent of the present population density can be maintained.

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Healing the world of the mythical science frauds, such as manmade global warming and the Planet-X apocalypse mysticism -  the road to this healing is furnished with free online novels and free audio books by Rolf A. F. Witzsche on the Principle of Universal Love. 

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