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A series of pictures and articles written and produced in 2010


Harvest and Seedtime
Harvest and Seedtime - a poem by Rolf Witzsche


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Pictures at an Exhibition, by Modest Mussorgsky

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source (C) example of the work of pianist Serg van Gennip

Index 2010


Empire and Civilization

Empire: Warring Against the Nations
with videos attached

Empire: The Common Enemy of Mankind 

A Sense of The Nation

The New Economics - ending thievery...

Empire Objective: Depopulation

Attempts to Silence Civilization

Three faces before the bombing

The inhuman face of empire

Message delivered by a Servant

Sake Bottles

Attacking a Nation from Within

The Axis of Atlanticism

Russia's Hamlet

The 'Ides' of September 

Trapped by the White Spider

The tide is coming in

North, East, South, and West

Standing Tall

The erotic temples of Kahjuraho

Reaching for the sky

The American Declaration
 of Independence

Republic vs. Democracy

The Circumcision

The Black-Hole ecliptic 2012-apocalypse theory

The Planet-X (Nibiru) theory

Playing the HAARP

The Dinner Party (Judy Chicago)


Living Anti-entropically (part 1)

Living Anti-entropically (part 2)

Living Entropically

What is the 'moral' dividing line? 

Is ignorance really bliss? 

The Universe 

In a Sea of Solar Winds

The Crab Nebula
Proof of the Electric Universe

Ice Age Ice Sheets

The Pyramids and Cosmic Rays

Science Challenges

CERN - research designed to fail

The frontier beyond 'consensus science'
Science deception?
nuclear fusion-power deception?
economic deception?

the case against nuclear fusion power

Active Research in the political world
operation entropy

Green Genocide

What is God 
that Man is an Expression of?

Related to Life

Mankind: Children of the Universe
 cosmic rays and mental development

The Temples of Khajuraho

TV tower in Ostankino

An Ice Age Renaissance 

Cultural Climate Dynamics

Global Warming Fiction

Sublime Science

An Easter Celebration

Morning Hymns

Free Classical Music

External studies 

Sublime solutions in politics, history, and economics

2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

Early Political Articles (prior to 2010)

Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) 

Christian Science

her pedagogical structure

the Christian Science textbook

Bible lessons

Space Flight

Our Home for Ages Past

The Adventure Begins - Moon Rise

Earth Rise

Space Power - Man Power

The Eagle Descending

Stepping off - Stepping up

A Wasteland - A Treasure

Liftoff - Shutdown

Proof of Ownership 

Endangered - The wings of our future

Food From Mars in Three Days

NASA Related

NASA - Space Infrastructures

No Ice Age Allowed - we can block it

The Kepler Effect on the Ice Age theory

Reaching for the Sky (NASA) 

Rocket Trip to the Moon - Saturn V

The NASA Nation

The Power Cycle

A Love Festival

Harvest and Seedtime

Related to Spirit

NASA's Missions - "three sizes too small"

Energy Systems

ITER - snubbing the Principle of Least Action

ITER - The Way?

NIF - Successful Failure

Fuel for 45 MJ of fusion energy

The NIF Target Chamber 

The Great Nuclear Fusion Delusion

Producing Power

In a Sea of Power

Electric Katrinas

The Moonfarer's Evidence
helium-3 and cosmic rays

The Electric Universe

Absolute Power - Solar Power

The Capodimonte Deep Field

Great Projects

The North American Water and Power Alliance  (NAWAPA)

NAWAPA: Existentially Critical

The New NAWAPA - part 1 - greening the deserts

The New NAWAPA - part 2 - infrastructures for the Noosphere

Why NAWAPA has not been built - part 3 - the cheap way or the powerful way?

NAWAPA - an exploration of the 1960s plan

A NAWAPA dialog - how to raise it to a higher level?

NAWAPA: Wells or FDR - contrasting orientations

Towards a FDR NAWAPA - how would Franklin Delanor Roosevelt have responded to the challenge?

NAWAPA - The Key to the Greatest Renaissance Ever 

Infrastructures  - what increases the power of humanity

Advanced Infrastructures - the power at hand to snub the Ice Age

Ice Age Collapse - a challenge to mankind to raise its humanist power

Great Power Projects

The Liquid Fluoride Thorium (nuclear) Reactor

Free Houses For All

The Intercontinental Floating Bridge

On the subject of basalt technology

Related to Principle
the 100,000-fold economic gain

Principle is Power

How to Recover a Robbed Nation

Musical Pictures

The Winterreise  (winter journey)

The Erlking

Carmina Burana


Jesu Meine Freude

Appassionato Sonata

Ode to Joy

Ave Maria

From the New World


LaRouche Political Actions

LaRouche Dimensions


Political Action Pictures
Freedoms and Responsibilities

The Simple Way

#1 Individual


#2 National


#3 Universal

(British Empire)

#4 Scientific



The above four parts of this presentation are focused on:

Part 1 - The Common Aims of all Mankind

Part 2 - Dynamics of Revolution and Betrayal

Part 3 - Celebrating the Inevitable Destiny of Empire

Part 4 - A Dawn for Mankind is Unfolding - the New Song

developing means moving upwards
no other choice exists


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